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Auditorium Coming to PSN |

Another indie game is making its way to PSN. This one brought to us by indiePub (and a few other folks, including Cipher Prime, Empty Clip Studios and Zoo Publishing). The title looks completely different from anything else we’ve seen (seriously, the PS3 is loaded with ‘different’ games, and I love it).

The game includes the 72 original levels (called Auditorium Classic), plus another 78 (Auditorium Modern). There will also be Move and Stereoscopic 3D (imagine 3D with this) support. What is the game supposed to be about, though?

Conceptually, you are transforming light into a symphony of sound. If you’ve played it before, you know what I mean. If you haven’t experienced Auditorium yet, you’ll have that “a-ha!” moment after a level or two. And then you’re hooked.

The title will be released on PSN November 23rd (yeah, one day before Gran Turismo 5) for $9.99.

Thanks to premiersoupir, here is the link to play the original game, for free.


  • Oh this game, I heard about it a while ago when I used to visit”Jay is Games”. You know not knocking on this game but WTF SONY? Bring me some Super Meat Boy or the classic Boulder Dash, which XL is going to have soon, – Super Meat Boy since it’s already there!

  • SJohnson

    @Luke – While Super Meat Boy is pretty awesome, don’t hate Sony. You might give this game a chance. It’s got a lot of new levels, and it’s in HD. If you play it, personally give me your feedback.

  • Jay

    When Sony finally showed interest in SMB, the devs basically said “too late.” So it wasn’t really Sony who said no to it.

  • This looks pretty interesting. I’m with you, Jay: Props to Sony for encouraging little developers to release really original, conceptual games.