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Marvel Pinball coming in Dec. to the PSN |

Play pinball with four different Marvel Comics characters, including Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Blade. Marvel Pinball will be a brand new standalone game created by Zen Studios for release on the PlayStationNetwork in December.


• Play through story mode to complete missions on one table to unlock missions on other tables
• Each table features battles against multiple enemies
• 4 highly detailed, full-featured tables
• Local (hotseat) and online (simultaneous) multiplayer modes
• Local and online high score lists
• Save/Load, slow motion, and other unlockable cheats
• Operator’s service menu
• Full 3D environments, characters and objects
• State-of-the-art physics model
• Controller tilt feature used to nudge table
• Vibration support for Dualshock 3 controller
• Trophies for high scores and other accomplishments
• Playstation Eye support (video chat)
• Hero Score and Team Force scoring systems introduce a new level of social interaction!



  • Just another thing I need to buy…

  • Pretty cool how they added the characters into this. First day buy for Oly no doubt 😉

  • Oly

    Def love the Marvel lol.. but not sure I’d really play pinball.. hmm

  • It’d be a nice every once and a while game, if you’re bored one night or something just play some Wolverine pinball.

  • Hrm… wish it was a series of additional tables for Zen Pinball. This sounds like an excuse to jack up the price significantly.