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Killzone 3 Beta | Game Night 11.15 Recap |

According to the email I got with the code for the Killzone 3 Beta. The last day to play it was last night at least for the US. First match we severally outnumbered the other team and to top it off we took all 4 mechs and pinned them in there base. Yes we are mean. Jay joined us for the first time, but he didn’t stay for to long. Everyone gets 50 points for joining us plus awards.

50 Points – xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux gets the award “Bringer of Life” for reviving teammates.
50 Points – Jay gets the award for “Mech Hog” for staying in a mech for the whole time pretty much.

So will you be picking Killzone 3 up? This Beta completely sold me on the game, I loved Killzone 2 and this is great sequel!

  • Oly

    Sorry I missed it.. Luke told me he tried to get on and u guys were all on Netflix already lol

  • I was on Netflix (trying it free for a month), before the start time of 8 PM MT. But I jumped on about 7:45 pm.

  • I hope Killzone 3 will not be a frag-fest like KZ 2 and focus more on the tactical side as Bad Company 2 does. One solution may be increasing the objective points (which were also raised in Bad Company 2 and brought in better results). However, the videos I watch about KZ3 indicate that you can take plenty of points by being a noob and getting kills by rockets (the player even receives “explosion” points for it!!!) while the points received from completing the objectives remain modest compared to the “kill points”. This will naturally result in players not working as a team and receiving plenty of points by killing the opposing team’s members while doing nothing to make their team WIN. I hope they will do better in the final product when it will be released.

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Yup Yup look forward to playing with me. I mainly did medic this time in the beta, but i most likley still have to get use to all classes b4 picking my main class to use in the real game. Man sucks the beta is over.

  • kennygk

    Too bad i didnt get invited. I would have joined you guys. I was invited to the killzone 2 beta… 🙁