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COD: Black Ops | Game Night 11.13 Recap |

So far the 2 last minute game nights have worked out pretty well. For me to schedule a time is usually hard because I never know what my family will be doing. I’m going to make sure anyone that wants in on these last min game nights gets me their PSN names so I can message them on the PSN directly as well, or just invite them if they are already playing.

We had a great turn out for this Saturday 11pm pac time. First to join me were my son @jacobfett, and his good friend @quentinsarff, with their new Black_Ops_Name PSN accounts. 🙂
We were soon joined by sounds of “Buba the Love Sponge” care of @baba0booey and then @lordincubus, @jrey7and KroegerSean joined up(he has yet to create an account here(Boooo)). @derrickgott007 played some later, as in Saturday the 14th with us as well. I believe the sun was almost up when we stopped.

A great time was had by all, and we switched up game modes quite a bit, to get some good variety. Everyone had mics and came across sounding really good. Lots of smack and laughter was heard when we played the Gun Game mode, competing for each others hard earned COD cash.

Everyone gets 50 points for joining up!! Prizes follow the jump:

The first Prize is awarded to the two 13 year olds that made us older folks look like we were newbs by coming in 1st and 2nd nearly every game. Well at least they made me look that way. That’s part of the reason I made them go to bed at 1am. 🙂
50 points each for the Prize of “NEWB MAKERS” for@jacobfett and @quentinsarff.

@baba0booeygets a 50 point prize for “Entertainment Provider” because we could all hear Buba the Sponge and later Howard Stern coming through his mic.
@lordincubus , @jrey7and @derrickgott007 all score 50 points for the prize of “Putting Up With Oly getting them in Game”!
Let’s do this again real soon!!
Leave your PSN name below if you’d like to be notified via message for the next”Last min game night with Oly” event!

  • my psn name is @donifar

  • Oly

    Will add u next time I’m on.. also u can all add me oly1kenobi and mention

  • omg oly you didnt invite me for CODBO game night…… 🙁 im hurt

  • Algar

    PSN: Davenporter

  • alaric106

    i thought the game was good but the zombies were so hard tto get to levil 39

    one hit your dead on levil 8

  • derrickgott007

    I love gun game.. One in the chamber is fun too. Had fun with y’all. Look forward to the next CODBO night!

  • humm, now that unlocked some guns and iam enjoying the game now theres a good chance i could play if my GF isnt home

  • kane112 here looking forward to the next game nite

  • Oly


  • H*llz yes! let me know I’m playin’ til 5am almost every morning anyway!! PSN rusty01
    S/N I totally feel you about your sons giving it to you on the shooters! They young, just have alil better “reflexes”! My 14 year old son thinks he’s the best, compared to me. But man oh man, how I would luv to go back n time & play him as me as a 14 yr old! I’d totally whup his a**!! LOL

  • Oly


    omg oly you didnt invite me for CODBO game night…… :( im hurt  


    you were with me all night foolio! lol