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Hulu+, New Monthly Charge |

After a bit of speculation it seems that the price of Hulu+ has indeed been dropped. I’m not sure if this is enough, there was talk of the price going from $9.99 to $4.95, but it seems like the price has only been lowered to $7.99. Will this be enough to drive subscription growth?


  • Rather doubtful! Who needs it when we have Hulu free, many major broadcast networks who put their shows online, and Netflix (which nets you physical media and streaming media for one rather low price)?

  • Well there are some advantages to Hulu+, for one you get the shows the same day they are on TV or at least shortly after instead of a week later.

  • Oh, so regular Hulu delays hasting the shows until a week after they air? Well, hop on networks’ websites (like ABC and NBC): They host their shows starting the day after they air.

  • Well see since every1 is jumping onboard with this Hulu needs to change their pricing model even more I feel. It’s great that the option is there but why pay that when I can get it for free, even if I have to wait a day.