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Poll Results and New Poll: Which Game Franchise Needs an Overhaul/Reboot? |

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According to the previous poll, no one shares any gaming with their aunts and uncles, nor do the aunts and uncles share gaming with their nieces and nephews (which is why they don’t even show up in the graph). Unless, of course, those that do have voted in the 2+ responses. As far as the top pick goes, most people play with their siblings, there are some that don’t play with any family members, and there’s also a surprising amount of people who play games with their spouses.
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The poll that will be running for the next couple weeks was suggested by JCMoorehead, who will get 200 points for the suggestion. With the announcement of the Devil May Cry reboot from a few weeks back, he’s interested in knowing what other game franchises you think could benefit from a serious overhaul/reboot. The poll is open, so you can also add your own answers!

  • earl

    I remember playing Starfox on N64 with 4 player split screen combat against each other. It was so fun.

    Any 4 player split screen air combat games on ps3 or even ps2?

  • Just voted for Resident Evil 🙂

  • derrickgott007

    Does anyone remember Test Drive Eve Of Destruction? It was a sleeper hit for me on the PS2. It was like demolition derby+racing+drift+jumps. It was really good. Physics were good, racing was competitive but it lacked online:(

    Would make a good reboot series.

  • EdEN

    Breath of Fire. We need a new one and we need it NOW!

  • Would not mind a new Breath of Fire but i think Final Fantasy needs to get back to its roots. I hated the last few, the one on the PS3 was far to repetitive with no town side quests or mini games.

  • derrickgott007

    NO MORE RPG’s!!!! There are way way way way too many out there flooding the market. I’m about to get rid of my PSP because all they make for it are RPG’s.