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NBA JAM is On Fire! Time For Some BOOMSHAKALAKA |

This game looks great, I remember playing it back in the day on the Genesis when it first came on. It was all that everyone talked about in school. NBA JAM this and NBA JAM that, a little BOOMSHAKALAKA here and there and off you went. But this game in HD looks amazing, and has tons of extra content that the original never had. Even with the price sitting at $50 I think a lot of people are going to want to get this.

Honestly, I was hoping that the game would be for $20 as a DLC. Oh well I guess you can’t have everything.

  • It could have been 40usd. (I was expecting a 15-20 usd title as well, but they seem to be confident with it, so..)

  • Yeah I think if NBA Elite 11 hadn’t canceled then this would have been a lot cheaper if not free on the game disc.

  • kennygk

    Looks like a good game but not a $50 game. Maybe 35 or $40 at most

  • MMh it’s kind of expensive however it looks great! I agree with you, I guess lots of people are going to get this game.

  • lol, nice, I remember playing this in an arcade for hours on end…