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Sony To Reveal New PS3 Exclusive December 12th |

With exclusive games like Killzone 3, Little Big Planet 2, MotorStorm: Apocalypse, Infamous 2 and Resistance 3 on the horizon, Joystiq is reporting that Sony is planning to announce a new PS3 only title in just a few weeks.  The announcement is set to take place the day after Spike TV’s VGA according to the image below.

The mystery game is anyone’s guess but there’s a rumor going around that claims Sony plans to unveil Mass Effect 3 during the Spike TV’s VGA. Coincidence?

  • Ravenitrius

    Well maybe its a new title coming for the secret vaults at Sony. Course it can’t be ME3 since its a multi-platform game. (That and ME3 = From EA)

  • I my best bet is Sly Cooper 4 or Uncharted 3

  • Luke

    Sly Cooper 4 was kind of announced via that trailer so I am not sure if that will be it or not. Could very well be Uncharted 3. Remember we also have Agent as an exclusive.

  • Good news! Surely not Mass Effect 3, though? ME2 is only just coming to the PS3 (way late) and we never got ME1, obviously.

  • Oly

    What they said.. lol
    I’m expecting UC3 as well, or possibly as prior something like RESISTNCE 3 that we all already know is coming and was actually revealed already lol

  • Emmumu

    The first thing that came to me was Heavenly Sword 2. I loved the first game, and wouldn’t mind a sequel.

  • I doubt it will be Heavenly Sword 2 just because of what the developer said. MS never wanted it so they want to SONY and made it an exclusive. SONY never pushed it although I think it’s a good game. But the developer said they barely broke even. You don’t invest all that time just to barely break even. Not seeing Heavenly Sword 2 here 🙁

  • Oly

    Yes, read somewhere that there would never be a Heavenly Sword 2, but also read there would never be a LBP2, that there would only be updates lol..

  • kennygk

    Im hoping its uncharted 3, the first and second games were amazing

  • I hope it’s something worth getting excited for but I’m prepared for dissappointment. Probably will be Move related….

  • Darrin

    I’m guessing that this will be the new title from the Warhawk guys (Lightbox).

  • DeadlyWaffles

    Gran Theft Auto 5?

  • DeadlyWaffles

    Also i think that it will be a new ip, since it says new ps3 exclusive, reffering to something new and not actually a sequel of a current exclusive

  • I’m going to think outside the box and hazard a guess at another Xbawks exclusive making it’s way over the PS3….

    Not exactly out the box ahaahha

  • My guess it’s Agent, Rockstar’s new PS3 exclusive.

    DeadlyWaffles: Gran Theft Auto 5?  

    No, Rockstar wouldn’t ignore the market share that the 360 has when releasing a new installation of a classic and popular franchise.

  • Sakinah: I hope it’s something worth getting excited for but I’m prepared for dissappointment. Probably will be Move related….  

    God forbid…

  • My money is on Uncharted 3 but a sequel to Warhawk would be nice.

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    I’d Like to see Grand Theft Auto 5, or a new Metal Gear Solid Game, over all that, i wanna see a new Franchise build up. I mean There are loads of new gamers out there who would have no idea whats happening in games if it sly cooper 4 or something so….yeah.IDK. UC3 um its comming out no matter what images are leaked. And um OR IT MAY BE AGENT. o wait thats been announced, but i havnt seen anything for that game. ITs like it was pput into the dark or something

  • Jonaskin

    My money is on Uncharted 3.

  • Jay

    I’m hoping for a new IP

  • Its gotta be Uncharted 3 and I hope that we don’t have to wait till next fall to get it. I can’t wait for the next installment cause it has to be the best first party series on the PS3 to date (of course it comes from a very strong line up of Triple A exclusives).
    It could never be Mass Effect 3 because its not an exclusive. I could care less about Mass Effect. They didn’t want to release them on PS3 before, so why bother now. The only reason they want to do it now is because they want our money as well. I will never buy a Mass Effect game. (I will probably play them though, they just won’t get my money lol).

  • ASR63MG

    ill bet on agent…….it has been announced yes but its soooo unknown..!!!!


    {fingers crossed} GTA SAN ANDREAS STORIES ……………………… EPICNESSSS

  • I hope it is Uncharted 3. best game everrrrrrr

  • kennygk

    Jak and Daxter 4. :O

  • it’s starhawk… from newly lightbox interative team that some of the warhakw guys used to be in

  • Darrin: I’m guessing that this will be the new title from the Warhawk guys (Lightbox).  ^

    yea the new title I’m pretty sure it is. I’m going to love this game XD