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The Weekly Recap (November 14th-20th) |

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Just to let you know, this will be the last Weekly Recap to count trailer, gameplay and ad videos toward the recognitions, since there isn’t much substance in terms of writing. Trailers included with stories will, as always, be under a different section anyway, and will still be counted. I only chose to change the counting like this because we seem to have a lot more simple video posts than any other type of article over the past few weeks.

Anyway, activity has been pretty constant for the past month, which is nice, and it is also nice to see some new blood writing, too. Here are some of the past week’s highlights:

  • Rumors are circulating that Diablo III might be coming to consoles
  • A bunch of LBP info came out, including beta expansion and a demo
  • Sony is supposed to reveal a new exclusive on December 12th
  • GT5 will have an optional 6.4-10GB install
  • Black Ops surpassed Modern Warfare 2, and everything else, in terms of sales
  • Darrin gave us the October sales numbers
  • I gave my opinion on what would make the GT series better
  • VUDU was confirmed to be hitting PS3s next week
  • A bunch of new PS3-only PSN games were announced to be coming very soon
  • Tosh reviewed Time Crisis: Razing Storm
  • Kevin Butler had 3 new ads this week

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Not a whole lot of new stuff. We do need some help with game nights if anyone is interested in running any of those. I will get you points for running them! Be sure to check out all the groups in the Site Activity tab at the top, too.

We are currently in the final stretch of the ModNation Racers giveaway, as you have until Monday afternoon to get your point donations in!

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[tab:Gaming News]

Diablo III Console Bound?
Luke – November 15th

Prince of Persia Games To Release Separately on PSN
EdEN – November 16th

Dragon’s Lair Slaying the PSN
Luke – November 17th

LBP2 Demo, Beta Expansion, Etc
Jay – November 18th

Luke – November 18th

Sony To Reveal New PS3 Exclusive December 12th
Sakinah – November 19th

GT5 Install: Got 10 gigs and about an hour to spare?
Baba0Booey – November 19th

Call of Duty: Black Ops Racks up US$ 650 Million in Five Days
Ace – November 20th

October 2010 Sales
Darrin – November 16th

Gran Turismo: Improving the Series
Jay – November 16th

Activision is Rebuilding Infinity Ward
Baba0Booey – November 20th

VUDU Confirmed; Available Next Week
Jay – November 16th

Auditorium Coming to PSN
Jay – November 15th

Marvel Pinball coming in Dec. to the PSN
Oly – November 15th

Spelunker HD, Exploring the PSN Next Week
Luke – November 17th

Funky Lab Rat Coming to PSN This Month
Jay – November 17th

Kingdom Under Fire II For PS3 Announced
Gibb – November 18th

LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean Announced
Gibb – November 19th

Official Review: Time Crisis: Razing Storm | PlayStation Move
Tosh – November 15th

Call of Duty: Black Ops Single-Player Campaign Review
Steve Keppel-Jones – November 19th

Bulletstorm Trailer
Luke – November 15th

Sly 4 Teaser Leaked
FTP – November 15th

BioWare Teases New Game
Sakinah – November 17th

Activision to Close Budcat Creations, Bizzare Creations
MAINEiac4434 – November 17th

Kevin Butler Does Racing!
Luke – November 18th

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gameplay Video
Luke – November 18th

New Under Siege Intro
Luke – November 18th

PlayStation 3: It Only Does Miracles!
Luke – November 19th

Coca-Cola Instant Win Contest!
Jay – November 18th


Dragon Age Legends Facebook game announced
premiersoupir – November 14th

Dead Nation to Hit PSN November 30th
Jay – November 15th

Great Atlus Sale Starting on November 16 on PSN Store!
EdEN – November 16th

Wireless PS3 Guitar Deal
FTP – November 16th

PS3 Version Of Final Fantasy XIV Done
Sakinah – November 17th

Killzone 3 Beta Download For EU PSN+ Members
Gibb – November 17th

Deadstorm Pirates Coming To EU PSN
Gibb – November 17th

Buy 2 Get 1 Free on
Oly – November 17th

Hulu+, New Monthly Charge
Luke – November 17th

PSN Down For Scheduled Maintenance Today, November 18
Sakinah – November 18th

Controller Charger Deal
FTP – November 18th

GT5: UK Retailer Prepares For What Could Be Their “Biggest Preorder Ever”
Sakinah – November 20th

[tab:Play With Us]

Tosh told us about our last Killzone 3 Beta game night, but from my understanding, the beta is still open, so another may be scheduled in the future.

Oly gave us a recap of the November 13th Black Ops game night, and FTP had originally planned to have an LBP game night last night, but had to cancel it because of personal life.

With that said, I did say that I will be rewarding points for participating and running game nights, too. Be sure to read the LBP game night post for more info on that.

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