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22nov10: State of Black Ops |

I thought I’d do a weekly series for a little while until all the issues have been sorted out with this game. That’s right. There’s a game out there that was released to the public so broken that it needs weekly updates on the status of it being fixed. I’m talking about Black Ops on the PS3, of course.

Last Thursday there was an update to the game that supposedly fixed a ton of issues. Highest up there in the minds of PS3 Black Ops gamers were four issues. First was frame rate issues (especially when you have a lot of people in your friends list). Second was that the game kept crashing or freezing. Three was matchmaking problems. It was hard to get into games. It was easy to get kicked out of games. You couldn’t hear teammates talking on their headsets. Lots of things. Fourth was the terrible terrible spawns.

So where are we on those four key issues?

One: frame rate has gotten better. It’s still not perfect, but it’s not jittering as much. One friend of mine, however, reported that it’s gotten worse. So while better, this problem has still not been solved to my satisfaction.

Two: freezing and crashing. This has actually gotten worse since the patch (for me). The game crashed on me just last night and my PS3 had to be reset. Issue not resolved.

Three: matchmaking. This is actually worse for me now too. Last night I was in a party, but it didn’t show me as in the party (no cyan colouring). Getting into a game is actually harder than it was before. Getting kicked from a party happens just as often. Issue not resolved.

Four: spawns. I have to admit that this is somewhat better. I hope that Treyarch is still working on it, however, because the spawns are still somewhat whacky. Issue somewhat resolved.

Come back in a week to continue the ongoing saga of Black Ops PS3.

  • hobbes

    suggestion #1 , play medal of honor instead

  • better suggestion: play MAG! I’m boycotting COD:BO, at least until this nonsense is sorted. there is absolutely no excuse for shipping such uniformly damaged goods. and I’m still miffed about the differing resolution between PS3 and 360.

  • hobbes: Medal of Honor is not my kind of game. I would do terrible at it. I’m more of a rusher than anything else, and it looks like Medal of Honor is a camper playground.

    premiersoupir: I tried the MAG beta and wasn’t impressed with that either. I kept getting sniped from who knows where or didn’t know what the objective was.

  • MAG has changed in hundreds of ways since the beta. For instance, Zipper released “MAG 2.0” a couple months ago, which totally changed the skill tree, raised the level cap, and all sorts of other things. But I do feel your pain. God knows why I stuck with the game, as for the first few hours I played it, I’d get excited if I could kill people half as many times as I died. But once you start to understand the modes and maps (and can follow your squadleader’s orders), you’ll do much, much better. It’s an incredibly satisfying game (even when losing!) when you know what you’re doing and how to contribute positively to your team.

    The sniping thing isn’t really a problem (anymore?). When your team is kicking butt, the other team sometimes gets frustrated and digs in with sniper rifles at their spawn point. Getting sniped from the enemy’s spawn means that you’re doing a good job, actually. They won’t get many kills that way, and they definitely aren’t going to win the game. Anyway, 256 players duking it out is a pretty awesome experience.

  • Oly

    Ive played BlkOps a ton and haven’t noticed any of the issues at all. My son and his friend have both played about 40 hours, and have only complained of a mic issue during one session.

  • My new years resolution was to only buy a single “realistic war shooter” for the year… which went to BF:Bad Company 2. Haven’t looked back yet, since all the CoD’s look the same to me now; And Steam Games serve any zombie slaughter desires I have.

    Also, I’m one of those douchebags with a sniper rifle on MAG (more because I don’t like automatics than anything else). Most of the time there’s actually a lot of cover you can use (which is infuriating on my end of the scope)

  • I was at a friends house and didn’t see any glitches for Black Ops honestly but who knows maybe I didn’t play enough of it.

    @Abkanis I agree with you on BF: BC 2, awesome game.

  • I’ve been having all of the issues with BO and Blackstaffer’s recap is accurate to what I’m experiencing. As far as I’m concerned there was nothing corrected with the patch and numerous “live updates” Treyarch claims to have made. The spawning is slightly better but not much.

    All of the problems haven’t stopped me from logging 30+ hours though.

  • matt

    having all these issues and then some. forward this to treyarch. they think they actually fixed it

  • The main issues i have with blkops is the hosting problems, it always seems to need to migrate to a new host all the time.

    Otherwise i do enjoy mag have not played it in awhile need to get back into, only sucks that none of my mates play it.