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Third Party Developed Move Options |

Soon we’ll have the first third party-created Move and Navigation controllers, as well as a new PS3 Eye (called Snake Eye which, on name alone, deserves a purchase).  Snakebyte, a German company, will start selling several configurations bundles starting on January 2011:

  • Navigation + Motion Controller
  • Navigation + Motion Controller + snake-eye
  • Navigation Controller
  • Motion Controller
  • snake-eye (camera)

So, are you willing to trust a third party Move controller?

< --- This be me Snake Eye!

  • Huh, interesting. Well, Sony has a history of dropping support for third-party peripherals, so I’d be nervous. Although I see the the company has allowed for firmware updates via USB, which is a brilliant (and necessary) move. I wonder how much these will retail for?

  • EdEN

    Yep, the firmware update via USB should keep them in business for a while.

    Still no price point for them and that’s never good…

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Haha to many companies try to make stuff look good, but then in the end they end up making somehting so cheap i think ill pass. expecially when i already have eye and a move controller

  • Oly

    Read about these earlier.. my concerns are.. In order to sell them over the PS moves, they’d have to be a lot cheaper, and then why would PS allow them to continue working?

  • Jay

    same reason there are multiple DualShock 3-type controllers? Sony still gets royalties for these guys using their tech, it just expands the options I suppose. The only real issue is how well they work in comparison to the official product line.

  • idk about you guys…but that snake eye is looking sexy