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Kung-Fu Live Available December 7th |

Kung-Fu Live, a title a lot of us here have been looking forward to, will soon be available on the PSN. Come December 7th, the title will be available on the PlayStation Store for $14.99. With that said, the game, of course, needs the PlayStation Eye, but you will still need a DS3/Sixaxis to go through the menus (and 4 friends can control some of the “bad guys”, too, with the controllers).

Recommended play space is a 7′ x 9′ area (so yeah, you will definitely need a bit of workspace). As you can see from the trailer, the game allows you to star in comic book-style cutscenes as well. With that, you can also download screenshots of those onto the PS3 as well, to share with friends and family if you so choose.


  • They have the best trailers! Can’t wait!

  • Oly

    Kinect eat your heart out!! This is gonna be great.. hope they add online multiplayer so I can kick Jay in the BEARD!

  • This game is gonna be sooo much fun. Some beers and some buddies and it will be good times iam sure.

  • This looks sweet