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Axl Rose Sues Activison |

Guns & Roses lead singer Axl Rose has filed a $20m lawsuit against Activision over the use of former band member Slash ( a.k.a Saul Hudson )in the 2007 release of Guitar Hero III. Rose claims that Activision “spun a web of lies and deception” when a deal was made to allow the song “Welcome to the Jungle” to be featured in GHIII.

According to Rose, Activision was only given the rights to use the song on the condition that any reference to the departed guitarist, Slash , or his new band, Velvet Revolver, would be omitted. 

Before the game hit store shelves Rose discovered that Activision had plans to use Slash’s image for GHIII despite the terms of their agreement. After Rose allegedly demanded that Welcome to the Jungle be removed from the game because of the breech in contract, Activision reportedly informed him that the Slash character was just a “trade-show PR stunt”.

When Guitar Hero III was officially released a cartoon version of Slash was used for the game’s box art, was playable in the game, and three Velvet Revolver songs were soon available as dlc. Needless to say Axl Rose wasn’t very happy when he became aware of this.

“[Activision] began spinning a web of lies and deception to conceal its true intentions to not only feature Slash and [Velvet Revolver] prominently in Guitar Hero III,” the suit argues, “but also promote the game by emphasising and reinforcing an association between Slash and Guns N’ Roses and the band’s song Welcome to the Jungle.”

 “This lawsuit is about protecting Guns N’ Roses and Welcome to the Jungle, and is about holding Activision accountable for its misuse of these incredibly valuable assets,” Rose’s lawyer insisted.

Guitar Hero III has since generated over $1billion, making it one of the highest-grossing video games of all time. Activision has yet to release a statement regarding the lawsuit.

Source: Guardian

  • EdEN

    Oooook. It’s been a while since the game release, so why until now? Axl must really need the money.

  • Yeah it made 1 Billion. Time to collect.

  • L/L

    I’ve a lot of respect for his work in the past, but I never did like Axl as a person. The guy just seems downright unpleasant.

  • still messed up IMO to be using a departed guitarist in the game when they never wanted him there in the first place

    as for why now? could be the money…but since Axl isn’t a hardcore gamer maybe he didn’t take notice until now?

  • Ace

    Ahhh another law suit *Clap* *Clap* Activison.

  • Axl is washed up now and looking for a payday, he was a terrible guy who made awesome music back in the day……now hes just a terrible guy.

  • derrickgott007

    Axl rose needs to shut the hell up. Who wrote and played the guitar parts for welcome to the jungle??? SLASH … that’s right, slash has every right to be featured with that song. He played it, so he deserves the right to be in the game.

    This just seals the fact that Axl is in fact, a mega Douche.

  • He is just mad that Slash is an amazing guitartist and is still freaking awesome and he is just a washed up loser. If he didn’t make it a regular practice to completely crap on his fans it might be a different story. Guns and Roses was bad ass at the time but now nobody cares. He will never get back the popularity that they once had.
    He’s just sueing Activision because, like you guys said, he’s a douche bag and he is broke. Screw you Axl, its to late now buddy, you should have just enjoyed the attention you got from Activision cause I gaurantee thats all the attention your going to get from here on out.

  • EdEN

    Slash’s latest solo album is way better than Chinese Democracy and that’s why he’s suing. That makes a lot more sense than what he’s arguing in the lawsuit.

  • Oly

    1 billion dollars… holy smokes.. I’m going to find something to sue them over

  • haha, the deal way already made and iam sure he sighned something. Hes so screwed out of that money. Who are them other two in that image?

  • Trieloth:

    haha, the deal way already made and iam sure he sighned something. Hes so screwed out of that money. Who are them other two in that image?  


    Those two are just characters made up for the game. I bought GHIII and Slash was the only character I played as.