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29nov10: State of Black Ops |

Last week I started what I hoped to become a short-lived but weekly series on the state of Black Ops. I had assumed that Treyarch would continue putting out live patches and PSN patches to address issues that we’re all having. Unfortunately, nothing has changed in the last week. There have been no PSN patches, and any live patches that did occur were transparent enough that the game doesn’t seem to have changed at all.

To recap, the four biggest issues outstanding for Black Ops on the PS3 are frame rate issues, crashing/freezing, matchmaking, and bad spawns. Add to that sundry other issues like the fact that chat icons don’t work at all, and the game aborting and giving you a loss when someone quits to XMB, and Treyarch really has their work cut out for them.

The good news is that Treyarch seems to be working on the problems. There are two indications of this. First, David Vonderhaar, on Twitter, asked for some PS3 players to play along with him to help him see some of these issues for himself. (I won’t here address the issue that this should have been done before the game’s release.) Someone who played with David said that their play session did show David lots of the problems PS3 owners face, especially with matchmaking. Unfortunately, he’s still having trouble reproducing a freeze/crash. For the record, a freeze/crash is when your PS3 totally stops responding and you have to reboot. A temporary cessation of interactivity is just a “temporary hang” or “temporary inability to do anything” 🙂 . Remember that when you report problems!

The second indicator that Treyarch is working on PS3 issues comes from the “PS3 Community Update (11/24/10)” thread on the CoD forums, where these are among the problems being looked into:

• Resolved several issues with PS3 parties getting disbanded for next patch (1.04)
• Investigating reports of “Transmission error” message on PS3
• Investigating PS3 hard freeze reported to happen for a small number of users in multiplayer
• Investigating reports of VOIP icons not always appearing for some PS3 party clients

So it seems like Treyarch is aware of the issues. Too bad they don’t list all of the issues. Let’s hope they’re going to come up with some solutions soon.

Edit: Here’s a video by Ken Burton talking about the frame rate issues:

  • Am I the only one that can only play about 1 in 3 game attempts to the end? I’ve went up to 6 or 7 games that got interrupted in a row before.

  • Eddie you should play with this David person. Heheheh funny how he ends the video with “see you on the darkside… probably the Xbox”.

  • This is what happens when you leave the BF BC2 servers. BF BC2 is no longer populated as much, dammit. And for this game…

  • I don’t seem to have to many issues while playing. The biggest thing is knife hit detection, I can knife a guy twice on my screen but he then turns and kills me, not cool. The only other thing is the party system not always leaving with the rest of the party etc.

  • derrickgott007

    I get the Transmission Error sometimes and when that happens I get a weird brown and sea green checkerboard pattern on the screen and background of the menu screen that is only remedied by going out to the main multiplayer menu and coming back in.

  • Played at my buddies house yesterday. I’d get thIs game for $30 but that is about it.

  • lol usually take me 1 in 3 tries to get into a working server its a pain in the arse. Only play this game now when i mates are on really so not much just now, back to gt5 for now

  • While I haven’t had many issues that were pretty note worthy. I did experience the freeze out this happens when there is a bad connection and the host needs to be migrated like in cod:mw2 the difference is that in the case of the migration failing your system doesn’t kick you back to the multi-player lobby you just hang at a black screen while your ps3 figures out what to do. Kind of like watching someone totally wasted figure out what to do next (hilarious by the way).

  • Cal

    I have given up on this game now – too much freezing for me.

    I have 3 ps3`s a 60gb fat
    a 80gb fat and a 250gb slim and the game freezes on all 3.

    My son lives with mum has a 80gb and his black ops play fine with no issues, it is so annoying i am seriously thinking about trading the game in.

  • Frank

    Same thing in Sweden folks. The freezing, happens alot but it seems that I´m pretty used to it now. The slow servers is like Owen_Kane says a pain in the ass. Takes 3-6 tries to even get a match, and often when you get in, somehow the game ends before it even starts. I played MOH and aint got so bad results on that game that I have on Black Ops, and I dont think theese games are so diffrent, except the freezeproblems etc on Black Ops.

  • I get the conection interrupted error every other game….everyone gets kicked out to the lobby then then everyone gets kicked out of the lobby. It takes about 2 or 3…sometimes 4 or more tries to find a game that won’t do this.

  • Luke:

    Played at my buddies house yesterday. I’d get thIs game for $30 but that is about it.  


    Don’t waste your money dogg. If I knew it would be like this I would have skipped it altogether. Not worth $30, maybe $10. Needless to say I can’t wait for Killzone 3.

  • Frank

    I´m getting really tired of this game now. The disturbing freezing gets worse. And for somehow you can stand on top of some stairs and shot a mag in the head of an op, just to get killed of half a mag he shots at your feet???? I watched that replay over and over and I just cant understand it… Well im not a top player on this game but I know how to get around. Allthough I sometimes can get 8-29 in K/D. WTF?!?!

  • UbeRamza:
    Don’t waste your money dogg. If I knew it would be like this I would have skipped it altogether. Not worth $30, maybe $10. Needless to say I can’t wait for Killzone 3.  

    Okay maybe I will get it for $10… no promises though.