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Dead Nation Hits the Playstation Store Tomorrow, PS Plus Members Get Day 1 Discount! |

We have seen this game being tossed around on this site for some time now as it is an important game from no other then Housemarque who created Super Stardust HD.

Dead Nation will release on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, November 30th for $14.99 in North America (and at a 20% discount to PlayStation Plus subscribers for $11.99).

  • derrickgott007

    Great…. Another zombie game….

    PSN is turning into apples app store and zombie games are the new fart apps.

    Pass until they have something innovative like journey.

  • Personally I LOVE zombie games, zombies are awesome, but they are getting out of hand. And as far as the PSN turning into an app store, well you think its happening on the PS3, take a look at the PSP, all we have been getting lately is bloody crappy puzzle minis.

  • I’ll be the first to diss a zombie game….anyone here will tell you that I have this hate for zombies and how they are implemented into everything lol…..

    but to say Housemarque is anything like apples low budget app store is crazy. They are great devs and despite my dislike for this game, I’m sure it will be top notch…so much so I may pick it up despite my dislike of zombies.

  • Kinda cool almost $5 off on a new game.

  • It looks freaking awesome!! uuuuuuunnnnnnngggggghhhhh

  • Luke

    The controls on this game are the only problem.

  • Gasp! A zombie game! Nobody’s ever done THAT before!

  • You know what I’m tired of in video games? People, people are in like every game. Every year they release more and more games with people in them and I for one am sick of people. I think that they should stop putting people in games cause its such a big deal or maybe I should just get over it and enjoy some kick ass games.

  • I want a final fantasy with metro sexual zombies.

  • dave

    looks like a left 4 dead rip off game.

  • Is it a “Twin Stick” gimmick?

  • Baba0Booey: Is it a “Twin Stick” gimmick?  

    I think so….but I love that in some games.

  • looking forward to the game. Loved Super Stardust, hopefully they do as good of a job with this.

  • derrickgott007

    I have call of duty black ops arcade.. So my twin stick zombie shooter quota is full.

  • Iam so excited to get the full version of this game! the beta was awesome and one of the best birds eye view zombie game IMO. I didnt want nothing to do with this game till i played it and wow was i hooked. Now with co-op there shouldnt be anything stopping you from buying this game. The black ops zombie arcade isnt even close to how badass this game is.