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Swords & Soldiers, Now with Move Support! |

Not to long ago Swords and & Soliders hit the PSN, and according to the Co-Founder of Ronimo Games it has had a great response. This 2D sidescroller was first released on the Wii back in the Summer of 2009 and it’s nice to see that they are always looking to introduce players to a new experience. When the game first released several weeks ago it was only playable with the DualShock controller. I am happy to report that the team has released a patch making the game playable with the PlayStation MOVE. Those of you who played it on the Wii will probably enjoy this game a lot more now that the MOVE has been added, especially since the MOVE’s tracking is so much better.

The team, also did some tweaking to the three factions but most importantly they made the Vikings slightly stronger in the endgame and the Chinese slightly slower to start with. They are hoping that with this they will see more players take to the Vikings. It’s really nice to see the MOVE being incorporated into games and even that much better to see it put into games that can actually pull it off.

  • Oly

    Awesome can’t wait to try it.. Also curious how the changes are gonna affect my gameplay.. I usually played the vikings and had a strategy to kill the faster Chinese that usually worked.. gonna be interesting to see the changes

  • Let us know what’s up with it? See if the tweaks they made really make that much of a difference.

  • This was a fun game, Id be interested to see how the move controls affect the gameplay as well.

  • EdEN

    So basically it nows control like the original release on Wiiware. Great news overall!

  • sam

    great news, question thoug. did you play the wiiware version? the pointer controls are not better. they are almost identical. it all depends on the devs but i have noticed several move games that had TERRIBLE pointer controls compared to the Wii’s IR…re5 being one of them. RE4 wii edition’s pointer controls were much better than RE5’s. anyways, just wondering if you had played both versions. if so ignore my complaint, if not please do not say the controls are “MUCH” better when you hvae not played them both….becaus ethey are not.

    but i am sooo glad this game is out on ps3. there are a few more wiiware games i would like to see come to ps3 with some upgrades

  • Hi Sam. I just said the MOVE’s tracking is so much better which is true. The MOVE spanks the Wiimote, but you are right the devs could have made this totally crappy.

  • Oly

    EdEN: So basically it nows control like the original release on Wiiware. Great news overall!  

    Nintedendo 🙂