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Lara Croft: GOL Gets New Characters |

For any fans of LC:GOL you will be happy to know that new cross-over playable characters will be coming soon.  The characters that will be coming are the famous duo Kane & Lynch and Kain & Raziel from the classic Blood Omen and Soul Reaver games.  Crystal Dynamics are also doing a survey to find out which characters you want to be released first. Follow them on Twitter @CrystalDynamics

  • Hope they actually give them their actually voices because what I saw from the video was horrendous. You had the characters talking and they had Lara’s and that Teke God voices.

  • True hopefully there fix that before there release. Be a good excuse why there are only bringing one set out rather than both.

  • Oly

    Is the game any good??

  • Only played the demo but certainly seemed good. Has some really good reviews as well

  • Demo seemed okay but that is as much as I can say since I never played the full game.

  • It’s a really boring single-player experience, but it’s fun with a friend. My wife and I have been playing it occasionally — we’ll just pick it up to play a level, and then often replay the map a couple times to do some of the other challenges (like timed runs). The game is harder with two people in that it requires more cooperation between the two characters. With single player, Lara gets all of Totec’s abilities in addition to her own. But that’s what makes cooperative mode more fun: You actually have to cooperate quite a bit. Puzzles are a bit silly — nothing that would tax a ten year old. Come to think of it, the puzzle aspect might well be compared in difficulty and design to the Lego series (like Lego Star Wars). So it’s not hard to figure out what to do, but it requires teamwork, often while being flooded by monsters. The game has modest RPG elements as well, which is cool (collect various guns, find or win artifacts and relics that grant you various bonuses or special powers). In short, if you have a friend to play with, I think the game is well worth $10. Plus there was some free DLC a week or so ago.

  • EdEN

    Will they charge for the new skins? If it’s free then I can do with them having Lara and Teke’s voices. If they’re charging, better have new voiceover.

  • LOL @@Eden Teke isn’t the dudes real name, I just made that up.