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PlayStation Phone, Codenamed Zeus Z1 |

Not to long ago a screenshot or two were released of what some said would be the new PlayStation Phone. Engadget just posted two videos of the phone in great quality. I have only posted the video that I think really matters. It has the PlayStation icon in the apps menu and the person that is actually filming the video clicks it bringing up what looks very much like the PlayStation 3 and PSP theme. Seems like everything is pointing more and more of this becoming a reality. Unfortunately, there is no sound in any of the videos, but I think we can live with seeing this kind of quality over the blurred images.

What are your thoughts on this? Is this is truly real, how many of you are actually willing to get this?

Source [Engadget]

  • Im still not completely sold that this is an actual PSPhone, I have never been a supporter of the idea, I think the fact that Iphone and Ipad games are now, in some circles, considered in the same category as PSP games which enfuriates me.
    If the PSP2 is also a phone, Ill stop buying PSP products and switch to the DS for my handheld gaming…..or just keep my PSPGo…..I love my go.

  • Blue

    I don’t need another phone I hope they come out with a psp 2 also

  • not too sure what i think about it would want to try one first but somethings today are trying to be too much.

  • This whole cell phone gaming thing is getting out of hand. Gaming on a cell phone only takes you so far. True the games have gotten way better since they starting debuting on the cell phone but lets not get all crazy here as if the iPhone is the gaming device for everything now.

    Wonder if this device is why we stopped seeing the Marcus campaigns. They talked smack about having games on a cell phone and now look what they are doing.

  • lol true tho still cant beat classic snake on an old nokia

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    I think this is pspphone and nothing more it will do what the iphone and droid ipad and stuff. I for 1 am sold. I havnt gotten psp bc i was forced to buy the DS when i was little which was a wast of money. Ive only played Resistance Retribution and all th MGS games on my cuz psp. I will get this phone and i hope to seea psp2 that supports UMDs. Honeslty I prefer to have game that has a “COVER” I hate downloadable games stuff like that Since i was littl ei love having a physical versions if u know what i mean i consider it a collection.

  • @Defcon I hate to tell you brother but physical media will soon go the way of the dinosaur, its just progress and we cant fight the monster machine that is progress.
    To be honest there really is nothing wrong with the DS, I feel its a quality hanheld with its own pros and cons, but it definatly is not in the class that the PSP is in, the psp is by far the most superior handheld gaming device out there and is geared towards hardcore gamers that want quality over….well everything.
    @Kane Count on a PSP2, EA and another gaming developer (I forget who it was) reported that they have a PSP2 in house to get a feel for it from a developer standpoint, and reportedly its a powerhouse!!! They cant wait to start developing games for it, they believe they can develop PS2 sized games with higher quality, which would open the door for developers who only develop for consoles to start developing for the new handheld, reportedly the PSP2 has dual sticks and a touch interface on the back….if i remember correctly its reported on kotaku

  • ye read a few things about the psp2 myself tho there is still a lot of rumors about it

  • Android games & PS3 Remote-play.
    Would also mean that Sony & partners will deliver many existing and new games to Android.

    (end of brain fart, luckily it doesn’t smell too bad)

  • EdEN

    Haven’t changed phones in 3 years and this one would definitely NOT be what I’d pick as my next one.

  • lol eden you waiting for a nintendo one to come out then?

  • EdEN

    @Kane112: Hahaha, nah. I just like my phones to be really good ones since I do my portable gaming on DS and now also on my new PSP (bought a couple of hours ago!).

  • lol fair enough. Aye new psp i see theres hope for you yet.

  • anonymous

    lol SONY always makes me laugh

    SONY: xbox360 with no backwards compatibility lol

    *Xbox360 now backwards compatibility and PS3 slim none*


    and now

    SONY: iphone game apps? pffft



  • Happy for them. Maybe it wil make Sony make the ps3 backwards compatable. I could care less for the phone. Could careless for a handheld device as well. Still have to sell my pspgo

  • kennygk

    Just because its a phone doesn’t mean it’s gonna be less powerful than a potential psp2. Who knows, the rumours floating around about a psp almost as powerful as a ps3 could be about the psp phone.