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GT5 Gets A New Steering Wheel, You Wont Believe The Cost |

I only bought Gran Turismo 5 just recently (December 3rd in regards to this article) and I absolutely love the game, It’s simply amazing, so I went searching for more information on the game to see if I could learn more about it in regards to possible Easter eggs or things like that, and what I got was this, a search return on one of the most amazing steering wheels I have ever seen.

The new steering wheel developed by the Thrustmaster company has reportedly tweeted that the new GT5 steering unit will retail for a whopping $500 USD, they claim it to be a “High end device”, which reportedly comes with the steering unit itself, and a pedal unit as well. The steering unit has amazing detail and also features paddle shifters and the Pedal units features ‘sport’ pedals with the standard 3 pedal setup, clutch, break and accelerator. There was also a rumor of an H-Shifter module that is sold as separately to complete the ensemble.

This wheel is said to be the most advanced racing wheel peripheral to date and will set a new bar height in the racing peripheral industry, it is said that the wheel will vastly out preform any wheel out there including Logitech’s line of racing wheels, which until the thrustmaster wheel is released is the best money can buy.

The wheel’s exact specs and detailed information can be found here. Do you think this wheel is worth a cool $500, the new generation of racing simulators demand a new high quality realistic racing wheel peripheral, is this that peripheral?

  • Legion213

    You would have to be seriously into racing games to buy something like that.

  • Jay

    I knew I should have trademarked my nickname.

  • Do people buy these things? It looks great and all but $500 bucks? There are a ton of things you can spend $500 on that are actually worth it.

  • I just got a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel from for $64, Black Friday lightning deal, 50% off 🙂

  • lol $500 thats mad cost more than the PS3. I thought $300 is a bit steep for the Logitech wheel

  • hobbes

    for 500 bucks i’d hope it come with a seat as well

  • when I read this my jaw hit the floor, the specs on the wheel are out of this world, but yeah $500 bones is waaayyyy steep lol

  • For 500$, it needs to come with a passenger seat with a hot chick in it!