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Bad Company 2 – Game Night (Tues 7th Dec) Update |

In order to celebrate the release of the new Map Pack for BC2, I’m holding a game night on this coming Tuesday night (7th December 2010) – and I want you, yes – you to get involved.

The game night is expected to last approx 2 hours, starting at approximately 9PM (GMT). A Private Team Deathmatch will be created with invites being sent to all that wish to participate.

Update: We have a number of members looking to take part; Luke, Jay, Abkanis and SteveOKenobi. If this still stands, it means we already have 2 full teams ready to rock and roll. If I’ve missed you out, please send me a PM or leave your PSN ID in the comments below to get involved.

So, who’s up for a fight?

What do you get for participating?

If I could give out shiny prizes to everyone taking part, I would – however, I can only part with the following:

– 50 points for each player taking part
– 100 points for each player in the team that wins a round (in addition to the points above)

Whether you are a member of or not, you are welcome to take part in the Game Night. If you are a member of, then I will be able to arrange your points to be added to your account. If you’re not already a member – why not become a member?

What do I need to do to take part?

If you’d like to take part, either leave your PSN ID in the comments box below with a preferred day, or send me a PM with your ID with your preferred day for the button bashing session. When the date is fixed, I will post another article to confirm the Game Night and also send a message to you via PSN.

There are limited places due to the Team Deathmatch only allowing a maximum of 4 teams, which in turn is made up of 4 players; and bearing in mind two teams are already full – this leaves another 8 spaces in order to make this a full session.

Last but not least, my PSN ID is: Madagasca – add me if you dare.

Don’t forget to add some text to your add request  (i.e. Tosh from PS3blog etc), so I know who I’m adding 😀

So, what are you waiting for – get your ID down soldier!

  • SteveoKenobi

    I am up for this, do i need to do anything, or just be online ?

  • @SteveoKenobi – Just be online mate and have BC2 running around 9pm (GMT). I’ll invite you into the private match.

    Ok, friends requests have been sent to:

    JimmyMagnum (Jay)
    N3wbis (Luke)

    Anyone else wishing they were part of this awesome game night??? If you wish to join in – just add me with the subject in your friends request as PS3Blog.

    Or leave your psnid below and I’ll add you before we ‘hook up’ tomorrow night.

  • Thats…4pm for me. Ahh well; Screw school classes; I’ve got explosion to attend.

    Question though: while I doubt it will become an issue, whats the policy of people wanting to join us midgame, not part of I’m assuming just a “no”

  • Not really an issue but if there are people who are not part of PS3Blog and wanna join in half way through – you can send them an invite midgame and get them to join in.

    As we say, the more the merrier. I don’t wanna stop people from having fun 😀

    So – if any of you guys who are playing have friends or mates (as we call them in the UK) – ask them to get online, and invite them in.