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PS2 Integrated T.V. |

PS2 Integrated T.V.
May not be PS3 news but I believe seems very interesting.  Apparently, the new Sony Bravia KDL-22PX300 will come with a built-in PS2 that can still play PSOne classics. For now, though, it will only be release in the UK, with no news yet of a US release.  PS2 is not the latest gaming console, but everyone still has some old favorites, and with no backward capabilities on the new PS3s, this is a handy equivalent at a 200 pound price, around $320, for a 22 inch, 720p TV is an OK deal.  For a bit more information visit SlashGear.

  • kennygk

    Nice, imagine the ps2 replaced with a ps3 lol

  • lol so everyone keeps saying tho it would certainly up the price a bit if it was a ps3.

  • kennygk

    Yah probably i could see the price being around 500 if a ps3 was attached to this specific tv.

  • EdEN

    I’ll eventually ask my brother in law for my PS2 slim back since I’ve got to play Persona 3: FES…

  • haha remember Eden theres Persona for the PSP as well

  • Kratos

    What’s the point of this? It’s like buying a toaster and having a moldy piece of bread taped to it…