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Unconfirmed: Killzone 3 To Feature Split-Screen Co-op |

A leaked image from Killzone 3 ( currently undergoing Beta testing ) is reinforcing an early rumor that the first person shooter will include offline split-screen co-op.  


The image does look authentic but Guerrilla Games has yet to confirm or deny the possibility that split-screen will be available for the game.
Source: Nicagamerz


  1. Ajescent

    The beta isn’t half bad actually, kinda interesting.

  2. would be very cool to have splitscreen in this game!

  3. kennygk

    Splitscreen would make this game perfect 🙂

  4. The Beta alone is very impressive. But I would prefer online co-op than share my screen.

  5. if this is true, its gonna be difficult to choose between this and resistance. but why choose?

  6. xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Online coop be better idk care bout coop for this game though i just want me the single player and online competative.

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