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Blu-ray Releases for the Week of 12.6.10 + past weeks |

I never got around to watch Inception. So I’ll be renting that at least very soon. The other main release this week is Shrek Forever After. I stopped watching Shrek after the 2nd one and none of the others interest me at all. Last week “Knight and Day” came out and I managed to see that in theaters and highly enjoyed it. I’ll probably be picking that up eventually. Just a fun action movie. Any Blu-rays interest you lately?

Here are the Blu-ray titles for this week. Highlights are: Inception, Shrek: The Whole Story Boxed Set, Shrek Forever After, Restrepo.

Previous weeks highlights: The Expendables, The Complete Metropolis, Crank / Crank 2, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Fantasia / Fantasia 2000, Knight and Day, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,

  • I saw Inception in the theaters and I didn’t see what the big deal was. It was a total rip off of another movie I’d seen years ago.

    Knight and Day, however, I just saw the other day. It was a rollicking good movie. Lots of fun. (It doesn’t take itself too seriously.)

  • Inception isn’t necessarily a brilliant, original, or surprising film, but it is a far more thoughtful exercise than most blockbusters, especially those in the action/suspense genres. Pretty great cast, too, that heavily borrows from British television drama. Well worth a watch, especially as it became a minor popular cultural touchstone at the time of its release.

  • Yeah I enjoyed Inception because it was a pretty cool concept, regardless if it was a rip off or not. Honest a lot of movies are these days. Having said all that the cast in this movie is also top notch. I am with @premiersouir it’s worth the watch.

    @Blackstaffer I might just have to check out “Knight & Day”, it does look interesting.

    The “Shrek” all in one Blu-ray is pretty damn cool.

  • L/L

    Inception is not a rip off. There are enough films out there using the same/similar storyline to warrant it’s own style of the film genre sci-fi. I have to wonder though, was it always intended to be a pg13 film or was that just Warner Bros. aiming to get as large an audience as possible.

  • EdEN

    I’ll rent Inception but that’s about it for this week. Still need to buy Toy Story 3.

  • Would not mind seeing inception myself, my brother thought it was pretty good so im sure it will be worth the watch. Haha aye Knight and Day was some good senseless entertainment, worth a watch

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    I am definitly picking up Inception, but i want to get Knight and Day, that movie was good in my opinion. Funny as shit. but idk if i got enough money

  • hobbes

    man i love amazon, got my preorder early today!!! 1 day ahead of release day!

  • dave

    Inception was very good, I mean come on its a christopher nolan movie, and I heard this movie was a test to see if it will work, meaning all the weird things that was happeind in the movie to test to see how well it would do for the next batman movie the dark night rises, thats what I heard anyway cause their is a batman character not sure who it is but he can really mess with your head in the comics, and cause you to see things like this movie but its not going to be a rip off of Inception it was a test to see if it will work and it did, 275 million just here in the USA. If anybody knows the character in batman of what Iam talking about, let me know and let me know if you heard the same thing. thank you

  • dave

    I thank it might be Dr. Hugo Strange in batman, but nobody know who the villain will be, we know catwomen will be in it thats it, but dont know if will be Dr. Hugo Strange etc… their will be no Riddler from what I heard and no Penguin.