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Bad Company 2 Post Game Night Overview |

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Heads To Vietnam

OK – that, my friends, was intense. I had bullet shells flying everywhere, and with each game, apart from one, it was close – very close. Jay decided to take the tank on each level for a little ride, and in all honesty – it was hard to separate him from it. Wonder if he actually drives one in real life?

Anyhow, I was hoping to run a Private Match, which required 8 players in total for it to be ‘private’, but due to a last minute drop out – one of my friends, we ended up with 7 joining me for a button bashing session on Battlefield: Bad Company 2.  Instead of running the Private Match, I created a squad for a Team Deathmatch with me, bobbyspit, Ratty42 and Bonart41 causing some havoc, whilst we were joined a few minutes later by Jay, Abkanis and SteveoKenobi.

Credit goes to everyone that joined up. Even though this wasn’t a private session, it was very enjoyable. Highlight of the evening for me was getting the C4 on the tank whilst Abkanis and Jay were in it – and then it went BOOM! I was real chuffed.

So, each player that joined up (and is member of gets 50 points for sparing their time in hooking up. Match results as follows – and 100 points for being in the winning squad:

1st Map: Abkanis (100 points)
2nd Map: Abkanis (100 points)
3rd Map: Madagasca (100 points)
4th Map: Jay (100 points)
5th Map:  Jay & Abkanis
6th Map: SteveoKenobi

I’ll arrange for these points (including the 50pts for participating) to be added to your current totals. I hope everyone who participated enjoyed the session, and I hope we can get more players on board for a ‘real’ Private Match for some more carnage!

  • Sorry About Showing up late, I was helping a friend over ad-hoc party. My punishment was that I got joined up with some randoms who booted me when I left to feed Dogs. Rejoined in on Jay’s Squad, unlocked a new Sniper rifle, good times started rolling.

    I’m down for another game night of this, ideally not the week of 13-17th since I have final exams then, but hey, can’t choose the fights. Fun experience though.

  • Didn’t pay attention to the time of the game, I now realize it was Greenwich time. Oh well.

  • SteveoKenobi

    Hey, yes sorry too, i joined the wrong game first time, will be on time next time:)

    Really enjoyable, but need to improve… So look forward to the next one.

  • wish i was able to join you guys, sounds like you had a blast!

  • Jay

    lol, idk who it was, but I was running at the tank and I saw someone behind it running toward it as well, but I got in first and I ran him over lol