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Firmware 3.55 Has Arrived – Adds Security Patch |

SONY has released a new firmware which doesn’t do much according to reports, other than patches a few security holes. However, there may be a few things that may appear overtime in this firmware as we’ve in the past seen hidden features/functionality being slipped in firmware updates. I’ve not yet spotted the firmware update on my actual PS3, however. Here are some links to the firmware itself if you wish to download it to USB and install:

FW v3.55 (US) | FW v3.55 (EU)

  • Jay

    it might currently be an optional update, so you would have to manually check the system update area

  • Anonymous

    Thank you sony for implemented another one fantastic UNUSERFULL firmware.

  • i had to download it to access PSN. Tho i havent noticed anything new at all.

  • Yeah, I laughed when I visited the PS blog to see what new functionality Sony was giving us this time.

  • lol so did i, i just find it annoying cause hackers will always win there are a lot more of them than employees of Sony

  • it is not optional. also, when i logged on, it told me my ps+ account had done the download, but when i went to update, it downloaded it…

  • EdEN

    @Jay: It’s not optional. I tried to sync my trophies last night and it asked me to go and download the firmware update. Same with PSN.

  • Jay

    yeah I found out after I went to go to Netflix lol

  • EdEN

    Also, the firmware MIGHT be patching in the Rewards Quests so everyone is set since they will go live once the PSN Store updates tonight.

  • ah good point wonder when the PSN will update today