Game On! Bad Company Game Night @ 9PM (GMT)

Yes, we’re game! The BC2 Game Night will start at 9pm (GMT).

We already have 2 teams ready to knock each other’s socks off. If you wish to get involved, send me a Friend Request (PSNID: Madagasca) and I’ll invite you to the Private match – regardless of you being a member of this site or not. If you have friends you wish to get involved – get them to join us – the more the merrier!

I’ve been reading that the Private Matchmaking feature is pretty temperamental so after each game I’ll have to re-invite players etc – so please bear with me while I get things started, mind you it’s my first time hosting a game night so there may be a few niggles here and there.

So, soldiers – the General will provide battle orders at 9pm (GMT) sharp – so be online and most of all – ready!

Written by: Madagasca - News Contributor

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