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GT5 Damage Patch Goes Live (v1.03) |

Finally, the GT5 Damage Patch has arrived, and it’s, surprisingly, not that big either, weighing in at only 149MB in size.

The patch delivers an option for mechanical damage added to the settings for online races, with the following options being selectable:

  • None – No mechanical damage.
  • Light – Mechanical parts can be damaged, but will “automatically be repaired after a short time has passed.”
  • Heavy – Mechanical damage will be more severe, and can only be repaired by making a pit stop. Damaged parts will be indicated with on-screen icons.

For those that own the game, share with us your thoughts on the patch and the new settings, let us know how effective this patch is in online games.

  • EdEN

    Do the cars have actual shown damage or is this “internal” damage? Can’t really see the car brands allowing for their cars to be shown all beaten-up.

  • Whoho! Car damage! Can’t wait to try it out – downloading patch as I write.

    Love how Polyphony has discovered an excellent way to distinguish any bad feature that was present on release, and in so doing also satisfy the gaming community AND prolong the hype of it’s initial release. This will be the very tactical brilliance that will make GT5 a legendary title.

    There are plenty more updates on the way, you know. Rompetiss 😀

  • Jay

    yes, the cars do have physical damage EdEN. You can even see that in my Game Night recap post. It just takes forever to accumulate since it costs a ton of money to fix lol

    and lol at Madagasca using one of my review images 😛

  • @Jay – I didn’t see any proof of damage in that post.

  • Jay

    calling me a liar? look at passenger side:

    The whole grille assembly, when not damaged, is supposed to be flat.

    You can also talk to the other people who participated and took part in the NASCAR destruction derby that the cars got damaged, because we damaged them.

    This patch is only for mechanical damage, not physical (which has always been there), and only for online mechanical damage, since there was always mechanical damage in the single player.

    Like I said, it takes a lot, but it does happen, and you know when you have some form of damage when you go into GT Auto, and you have the ability to get an engine overhaul (for mechanical damage) and a chassis repair (for the physical damage). If you don’t have any damage at all, it won’t allow you to use either of those options.

  • kennygk

    Jay’s right. Damage takes a long time to become visible, especially if the collisions are at low speeds.

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    In my opinion sounds awesome this is what the game needed from the start. would have gottena higher score with those stupid xbox fanbased sites like gamespot ign gttv

  • Chrisdaman_21

    Is this only for on line? I want it off line too!!! And why don’t it can’t your miles that you drive online and can you even win money online? Just asking?

  • Jay

    it is offline, too. It just takes time for anything to be really affected.

    I believe it doesnt count miles or anything (like winning money) because some people out there, we’ll call them assholes, might think it would be fun to wreck up your cars or drive an insanely fast car and/or try to do anything to win said money.

    Of course, things could change in the future

  • Mark

    played it last night and at first its just a bit strange, did make it harder to catch another player especially if they come off better than you did in the crash. It does stop the 180mph into corners and a quick handbrake players though.

    Overall a good update. Need an update now to pick better oposition in some of the races. difficulty setting would be good as some races are soooooooooooooo easy! Thoughts?

  • derrickgott007

    Are there wall riders in this game? I can’t stand that. I bet the leaderboards are full of cheaters already.

    You know which ones I’m talking about. They come into the corner fast and at a shallow angle to the wall, then they scrape along the wall making the corner faster than you ever could with PROPER driving.