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MAG v2.10 Details |

Today, 7 December 2010, Zipper releases the 2.10 patch for their massively multiplayer first-person shooter MAG. The new patch includes some exciting features that are designed both to increase the longevity of the product (which relies on many players connected at the same time) as well as to make the experience more accessible to new players. The two biggest changes are a new “Multiqueue” mode, which when selected directs the user to the game that’s closest to launching in order to get into battle as quickly as possible. The second major change is that “currency points” (CP) post-game bonuses will be dramatically increased. CP are used to purchase weapons and gear, so this change will allow new players to acquire better gear faster. Check out the full list of new features in the next tab.

If you haven’t stuck MAG in your disc drive for a while, especially since the MAG 2.0 release a few months ago, I encourage you to give it a go. If you’re frustrated with a game that has vastly differential support for the various consoles, why not play one that was designed from the ground-up for the sort of infrastructure that our beloved console alone provides?

[tab:Release Notes]
Patch v2.10
December 7, 2010 | 50MB (TPPS), 132 MB (DLS)

Gameplay (General)

  • Implemented “Multiqueue” functionality to allow users to queue up for multiple game modes simultaneously
  • Added “Multiqueue” XP bonus modifier that increases as more modes are selected
  • Increased XP to CP-earned ratio to 1.5 CP for every 1 XP
  • Reduced price of Medical Kits to 500 CP from 800 CP
  • Teammates can no longer prevent you from repairing vehicles and objectives when in your line of sight
  • Shortened cooldown times between leadership FRAGOs to 2 seconds from 10 seconds
  • Added “friendly fire” modifier so that allies never receive more than 50% damage when hit by a friendly vehicle
  • Improved item-swap speed

Gameplay (Skills)

  • Decreased effectiveness of “Marksman Recoil Stability” and “Marksman Steady Aim” skills
  • Improved effectiveness of First Aid Kit and Medical Kit skills, “Self Heal Speed” and “Heal Recharge Rate”
  • Increased effectiveness of “Improved Smoke Screen Rate” skill


  • Slightly widened knife-swing arc


  • Enemy vehicles now show damage bar when “attacking” them with a repair kit
  • Slight presentational modifications to the “Character B” and “Character C slots”
  • Correct text now displays in the Armory when viewing the SVER Hazard helmet

Audio/ Visual

  • Acquisition Escort vehicles now have unique models for each faction
  • Improved mine-laying animation


  • Removed “Directives” button from the “Deploy” menu
  • Added “Multiqueue” button to the “Deploy” menu and sidebar areas
  • Added feature that allows users to take in-game screenshots via XMB Photo menu (1280×720)
  • Reduced chances of being randomly dropped from a “Clan Deploy” game
  • Fixed an assortment of menu-related lock-ups
  • “Clan Deploy” performance updates
  • Minor server performance enhancements
  • Fixed typo in “Chest Candy” trophy
  • Various localization updates
  • we need to see about getting a MAG game night on the go i haven’t played the game in ages be fun to try it out again

  • Kenny6774

    Thanks on reporting on this…I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again…MAG is da SH**!! It’s such a shame in my opinion that it doesn’t see Black Ops type numbers. Depite the haters and naysayers…we keep trucking along. The game is vastly improved since its initial launch. PS3 fanboys should really do themselves the favor and try MAG. There is no reward for teamwork in a console shooter like what’s found in MAG. Shoutouts to clan of Valor…..=V=!!!


  • I should get into this again, i used to play this all the time. Been a while and had alot more fun with MAG than Cod.

  • hobbes

    i just got this, think it was 15 bucks, would like to try it with the move

  • oh ye forgot you can use the move in the game may need to give it ago

  • Hey, I’m glad there are MAG fans here! I’d be happy to organize a game night if we could muster enough interest, but so far only @Kane112 has responded in the thread on the forum ( ). Give us a shout if you’re interested. And @Kenny6774, your clan, =V=, is comprised of some friggin’ beasts. You all are always staring down the sights at me, as I roll SVER with a Raven alt.

    The game can be had for ridiculously cheap now, especially since it graduated to the Greatest Hits line. Give it a go, or at least a rental, and hang in there. Took me a few hours of play to figure out what the heck was going on, but it’s ultimately an incredibly depthful and rewarding team-oriented experience.