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GT5 Tournament and Photo Contest! |

[tab:General Information]

We have a double header for you guys today. First, I’ll start off by announcing a Gran Turismo 5 photo contest. The contest will be divided up into 4 categories: Action, Multi-Car, Hangtime, Studio. More details for that contest are available on the tab.

The second deal will be the tournament, with the prize car being the Race-Modded 2010 ZR1 Corvette pictured above. I chose this because it’s a very fast, very good handling car. I will buy the Race Mod, as well as all the upgradeable parts (and do some basic tuning). With that in mind, if you’re interested in joining the tournament, read that tab!

There, you can read the tournament requirements, and the track details, etc. It’s going to be pretty in-depth, but also fair, as it will have a lot of restrictions in place to make the field as even as possible.

[tab: Photo Contest]

This particular contest will run from now until December 16th. At that point, each category will be made into a poll for you guys to vote on. The voting will take place from December 16th through Sunday evening. Entries will be limited to one per category, with a maximum of 2 categories. You can replace an entry if you so choose. Here are the prizes for that (on a per-category basis):

  1. 100 Points
  2. 50 Points
  3. 25 Points

So, what were the categories again, and what do they entail?

  • Action: These would be those taken on a race track, showing some intense racing and/or creative driving. Examples would be drifting and wrecking, or just some showboating in snapshot form.
  • Multi-Car: These would be shots that show at least 2 cars racing each other. Could be an overtake, a forced spinout, or a shot of cars grouped together, fighting for first.
  • Hangtime: Simple explanation. Shots of cars getting air. There are plenty of tracks where this is possible, but my favorite is on Cape Ring before you enter the circle :P.
  • Studio: These are, of course, reserved for Premium cars, but take place in the actual Photo Mode. Usually, these are the best looking shots, too, with more locations opening as you perform certain tasks.

Now, to take photos from races, you will need to go into the replay, pause the replay, and go to Photo Mode from there. The same settings are available, but you’re limited to how close you can get to a standard model car. In order to enter that contest, reply to this thread with a link to the picture, as well as the proposed category for the image!

This is the big deal here. This is our first-ever tournament for any game to my knowledge. We will be hosting this race on December 26th at 8PM GMT (3PM Eastern, 12PM Pacific). I have it set for this time to make it available over multiple territories. Only registered blog members please. Driver entries will need to be put in by December 20th so I can list the racers taking place and any advancement rules if needed. But first, here are the prizes:

  1. 500 Points plus the ’10 Corvette ZR1
  2. 400 Points
  3. 300 Points
  4. 200 Points
  5. 100 Points

With that said, it will also have, as mentioned previously, a lot of restrictions in the interest of fairness. For starters, the image above is an exact representation of the car you guys will be racing. So, we will start with the car requirements:

  • 1996 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV GSR (30,000 Credits at Mitsubishi dealership)
    • Horsepower is limited to 355
    • Weight is limited to 1220kg
    • Tires limited to Sports Soft
    • Suspension and drivetrain upgrades are open

Car was chosen because it’s relatively inexpensive. Suspension/transmission/etc are open because I can’t track those anyway. Given that fact, I would recommend getting a racing suspension and transmission, as others will likely do the same.

There will be a total of 5 races. In the event participation exceeds the 10 entrants mark, we will have to set up two different groups and basically have a semi-final and a final (which will result in 10 races total). I don’t really expect to see more than 20 entrants, but if it happens, it happens and I will make adjustments accordingly.

As for advancement, that will have to be determined after we have a confirmed driver list. but here is how point standings will go for each place:

  1. 100
  2. 90
  3. 80
  4. 70
  5. 60
  6. 50
  7. 40
  8. 30
  9. 20
  10. 10

After each race, these race points will be applied to the drivers. The driver with the highest accumulation of points will either advance to the next round, or win the tournament (depending on number of racers). Here are the tracks we will be using (at 5 laps a piece):


  • Fuji Speedway F
  • Trial Mountain
  • Laguna Seca
  • Cape Ring Peripherary
  • Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 (with weather and time change)

In the event we need more than one round, the first round will be these following tracks (with 5 laps each):

If Needed

  • Deep Forest Raceway
  • Cote d’ Azur
  • Special Stage Route 5
  • Suzuka Circuit
  • Autumn Ring

Now, for some other special rules. First, all assists will be turned off. Grip reduction will be set to realistic. Penalties will be set to strong. After the first initial races, race grids will be set to the slowest person first.

I will not be participating in the race itself, but I am hosting it, and will spectate the race(s), as well as track winners myself and everything. In order to do this, you need to add me to PSN. My PSN ID is JimmyMagnum. In order for me to know who you are, and for you to be entered into the tournament, just send me a friend request and tell me your member name on this site, as well as leave a reply here with your PSN ID, too.

If we do need more than one round, I will let you guys know via PSN Message when your round is ready to begin so you can start joining in.
[tab:Tournament Entrants So Far]
Here is the list of people who will be entering the tournament:

  • great post Jay, count me in on both fronts, Ive got some hard to beat pictures of my SLS that will take the show!!!!!!
    and as far as the tourney goes……..that car is as good as mine….mark my words.

  • Oly

    WOW.. i soo need to get this game!

  • oh im looking forward to this going to be fun. Time to buy that evo and tune it up

  • Gran Turismo 5 looks awesome! Can’t wait to get this game!

  • EvilTerrier

    Count me in too! ;o)

  • derrickgott007

    I hope to get this for christmas so count me in!

  • Awesome. I will for sure enter the photo contest, not sure if I can be around for the tournament although it sounds awesome, i’m sure i’ll get smoked anyways 😛

  • Jay

    OK, so, including dg007, we have 4 entries so far!

    Now quick updates: The car has 896HP and a ton of torque. Using soft racing tires, when racing on, say, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, on the “With the Wind” event on extreme series, it will still be essential to draft opponents, as the rest of the cars on the field, including the Suzuki Escudo and the R92, are pretty even in terms of speed (but some do have slightly better acceleration and handling).

    With that said, drafting, you an get the car to about 237 MPH, which is faster, or, at least, as fast, as all the other cars on the track. Once you get into first (which will usually be on the first straight, if you manage the first couple turns well), the top speed will only be about 219, and if someone is drafting you, they can potentially pass you, so always be sure to watch your rear view mirror to prevent passers, but be careful, as they can clip you if they come up on you too fast.

    I just beat the race with it earlier and won by .008 seconds, only because the guy that was drafting me tried to pass, but the wind resistance slowed him down too much, and kept his top speed about at my level

  • kennygk

    Nice contest. I’ll try and enter the photo contest and the tournament. It should be pretty exciting if lots of people join

  • Im down, be kinda handicapped since no steering wheel but seems like a fun time none the less.

  • bg

    looking forward to it… 🙂

  • Does ABS even set to 1 count as assist? considering most cars since the early 90’s late 80’s had ABS?

  • I’m in for the Tournament, My PSN ID is Salnun! Can’t wait 😀

  • Nooo……..right, I’m going out and buying GT5 just to be in this tourney!!

  • Jay

    lol, OK, I added you two to the list as well

    @AzureFlame: Since I can’t set numerical limits on the assists, I will be keeping it turned off, but if you feather the brake when needed, it effectively helps you keep traction anyway (as long as you don’t slam it every time you feather it)

  • chiefbeef

    would like to join the tournament please. not interested in the photo comp but defo in the racing. let me know asap and details on how to join. i’m not a dirty racer unlike some

  • I will be there.

    PSN: grant977

    Salnun can vouch for me.

  • Mos

    Sign me up, too!

    PSN: MosEisly

  • Jay

    OK, I got everyone’s name up, but a couple of you I sent an email to, since you need to register! (@Mos and chiefbeef).

    This also leaves us with 11 entrants. One more and I will have to do splits and have a semi-final round ;).

  • God job Jay

  • Is it still too late to join the racing tourney?

  • nevermind can’t do it…

  • I can understand feathering fine, but rather hard to do when you just have a control. Be a big advantage when you have a steering wheel vs a controller in this tour, but its fine.

    Jay: lol, OK, I added you two to the list as well@AzureFlame: Since I can’t set numerical limits on the assists, I will be keeping it turned off, but if you feather the brake when needed, it effectively helps you keep traction anyway (as long as you don’t slam it every time you feather it)  

  • Jay

    I find it easier to do on a controller than on a wheel personally.

  • kennygk

    Hey jay i won’t be able to race in the tournament. I’m working that day 4-10 pm 🙁

  • Forgot im working on the 26th tho get off at 12pm pacific so i should only be a few minutes late

  • Dan

    PSN: Maverick944
    Count me in for the GT5 tournament. Lots a luck to all. I race as clean as possible l.