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Some More PlayStation Plus Goodies |

Sony is being rather generous this holiday season, announcing even more stuff heading to PlayStation Plus subscribers. For starters, members will be able to download the beta for the SOE MMO title, DC Universe Online (although no date or time has been set just yet).

On the December 21st update, there will also be a free trial of Borderlands for those who haven’t played it yet, but want to see what it’s about (I might give this one a try). You also get another free Mini, a discount on Battlefield: 1943, and a whole bunch of new* NeoGeo games.

Be sure to check the tab for the full update.

* – New being new to the PlayStation Network
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Full Game Trial
Borderlands (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)

Featured Games
A Space Shooter For 2 Bucks – Minis (Free for PlayStation Plus Subscribers, regular price $1.99)

Discounted Games
Alpha Mission (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)

Art of Fighting (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
Baseball Stars Professional (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
Fatal Fury (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
League Bowling (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
Magician Lord (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
Metal Slug (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
Samurai Showdown (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
Super Sidekicks (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
The King of Fighters ’94 (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)

Battlefield 1943 (40% off) (PlayStation Plus price $8.99, regular price $14.99)



  • looking forward to trying out the DC Online

  • anonymous

    I love DC…and now I love PS+

  • Do try Borderlands. It’s a lot of fun. I don’t know most of the other stuff you mention, though. Battlefield 1943, of course (a useful discount for someone who bought a PS3, y’know, yesterday!). Are most of these PSP, Mini, or PS1 titles?

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Cant wait.

  • most of them are Neo Geo games tho you need to buy them twice if you want them on your psp and ps3

  • Oly

    I was greatly looking forward to DC until I Played it at E3, then at comic-con I got even more dissapointed.. $15 a month for one account kinda turns me off too, as I got spolied by Star Wars Galaxies, the best MMO ever, and nothing comes close to that. I will be making the most of the beta tho and trying to find it in me to justify the $15/month because I’m a huge comicbook fan as well.

    Borderlands is still one of my all time favorite games.. def try the free trial.

  • what its $15 a month screw that ill get what i can out of the beta then im done hate game you have to pay monthly for

  • Am I the only one who thinks that the prices on the Neo Geo games are a little high?

  • EdEN

    The more minis the better since I need to use my new PSP. The Neo Geo discounted titles I’ll skip since I already own most of those in the SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 Colleciton on Wii. Borderlands I can already play for free. Was expecting another free PSN game before the year was over. Maybe they’ll surprise us after chritsmas?

  • derrickgott007

    Is this for the UK or USA?

  • derrickgott007

    Also the UK gets Sam and Max on their PSPLUS.. That’s like a $30 free game.

  • they are coming out in the UK as well think they come on the same day. UK plus user get one for free as well i believe can’t remember which on tho

  • EdEN

    @derrick: The UK PS+ already GOT Sam and Max. The US PS+ will get it next tuesday. I already own it but it’s great news for those that don’t have it yet.

  • Awesome stuff for PS+ users. It’s just getting better and better.