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Final Fantasy XIV For The PS3 On Hold |

It’s no secret that the PC version of Final Fantasy XIV has been plagued by negative press by both players an critics alike. The mmorpg currently has a Metacritic rating of 51% due to numerous poor reviews by sites like IGN ( 5.5 ), Gamespot ( 4.0 ) and 1UP ( D+.)

User reviews of the game left on Amazon Japan and several other online retailers in the country were equally unfavorable. It’s been over two months since the game was released but today it appears that Square Enix is finally ready to attempt to fix a game that some have labeled as one of the biggest disappointments of the year.

The President and CEO of the company announced on the Lodestone FFXIV player website that steps are in place to fix the PC version of the game. These steps include new leadership and a restructured development team as the previous producer of the game,Hiromichi Tanaka, has stepped down.

Square Enix President/CEO Yoichi Wada: “Regarding the PlayStation 3, it is not our wish to release a simple conversion of the Windows version in its current state, but rather an update that includes all the improvements we have planned. For that reason, we have made the difficult decision to delay the release of the PlayStation 3 version beyond the originally announced date of March 2011.”

FFXIV’s new producer/director, Naoki Yoshida, also stated that the “PlayStation 3 release will be delayed until we are confident that the game has reached the level of enjoyability and service befitting the FINAL FANTASY name for users on all supported platforms.”

It’s unclear how long the release of the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV will be in limbo but, in the meantime, PC gamers have been granted with an extended free-trial period of the game. Head over to Loadstone for more details.

  • Ajescent

    The game is pretty bad, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets cancelled all together.

  • As long as they are making it better. I hope by the time its on PS3 there will be actual content.

  • Oly

    ya i played in beta for a bit and got turned off quick.. As with all MMO’s now tho.. StarWars galaxies ruined me.. that was such a great game..

  • Delayed? Nooooooo! looks like i should use my xbox and play some FF11, sigh

  • This reminds me of the dot hack MMORPG

  • They have some great ideas and beautiful scenery. They even have all of Final Fantasy’s lore at their disposal to help prop them up…

    But sadly… The game just isn’t finished yet. They left out so many basic things and it’s unacceptable for a next gen MMO. Unacceptable coming from a company like SE.

    So I say to SE. Get your sh^t together mang!

  • I was looking forward to playing the game at one time but SE really dropped the ball with FFXIV from day one.

    Like Markus said, releasing an unfinished/broken game like FFXIV is unacceptable from a huge company like SE. There’s really no excuse for this but atleast they are trying to correct their mistakes.

  • demdem: This reminds me of the dot hack MMORPG  

    that’s something that should never be brought up…ever :'(

    bad enough I wish they’d try again and MAKE IT RIGHT this time for the PS3….most likely won’t happen.

    as for this? was expecting it…lately the ENIX part of S.E. is showing….man….miss the old days of SQUARESOFT….never could recall a time they’ve failed…NEVER!

  • This makes me want to fight children. I hope they make it like FF XI but where I don’t have to pay $15 monthly like WoW, because that sucked. Hell, just re-release FF XI for PS3 with no fee’s or maybe make it free with PS+ subscription and I’d buy it right now, and never complain once. I’m super pumped!