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Mass Effect 2 Gets a Release Date for the PS3 |

The widely popular Xbox game, Mass Effect 2, was announced to also be released on the PS3 as well as the Xbox and PC. Electronic Arts told IGN, exclusively, that the newest addition to the series will launch on the PS3 January 18, 2011 in the US and the 21st in Europe. Yes, that’s right, if you have played Mass Effect on the Xbox and found it to be a game with much potential, and heard that the second iteration would be released on the PS3 like I have, then your wait is soon over.

However, the PS3 version will not be quite the same as the Xbox version. Instead of having PS3 exclusive content, the PS3 version will include 6 hours of “bonus” missions in the form of the game’s 3 expansion packs: Kasumi: Stolen Memories, Overlord, and Lair of The Shadow Broker.

Bioware announced on their forums what was to be included on the Blu-Ray version of the game, which, of course, includes Mass Effect 2, the three expansions, and some armor, as well as a DLC code that is said to grant you access to some sweet content. On top of all that, there is one difference from the Xbox release. There is supposed to be an interactive comic, from Dark Horse Comics and Bioware Edmonton (The Canadian company that created Mass Effect), that is supposed to fill in players on the events from the first Mass Effect.

Mass Effect 2 was a cool concept for a game. I enjoyed it when I borrowed an Xbox from a friend a while back; I saw much potential in this game and dreamed of a PS3 release, where this game could see the release and development it deserves. It’s just a shame that we didn’t get a release of the first one, and for a lot of players, they will have to rely on an “interactive comic” to fill them in on the events of the first Mass Effect.

Is this a game you will buy? Do you think this game will see a decent launch on the PS3 or should it stay on its home port system of the Xbox? Time will tell if this is a game that PS3 players want to dive into after it being a hand-me-down from the Xbox.


  • I just hope that all this development time means that the PS3 won’t get the ugly child yet again. I’m kind of excited about the title. Bioware does good work in my experience, and I like both RPGs and Sci-Fi. I have a friend with a 360 who quite likes the Mass Effect series, though I believe that he expressed some reservations about ME2, like there is a lot of “busy work.”

  • hobbes

    i will buy this game but not till it drops to 20-30$

  • Luke

    I think I read some where that they aren’t taking the easy way out. They are going to make the game top notch.

  • Oly

    As I have never owned a X-box, this is one of the series that I wished would come to the PS3.. I will definately be picking it up.

  • Kinda sucks that the first one won’t be. I mean it blows picking up in the middle of the story.

  • Jay

    I’ve rented the first one many moons ago on the 360 and played it through to completion. It is a good game and one of the few RPG titles I enjoy. Haven’t played ME2 yet, so I will try to pick this one up and use the comic as basically a refresher course.

  • deadlysin687

    It’s pretty stupid to release the sequel on PS3 and not the first. In the sense of story AND sales. If they released both they’d sell both just like they did on Xbox, plus I want to play the first before the second graphic novel explaining it or not.

  • heard good things about this these games. Im certainly looking forward to this

  • I had borrowed an Xbox from a friend and mass effect 1 was one of the games he lent me, its a pretty cool game but I feel that it could have benifited more from a PS3 release the first time around.
    It is nice that we are getting a release of the second one though.

  • Royalty32

    I as well played Mass Effect 1 on 360. To me i didnt think it was all that. Though i didnt beat the game i played a good chunck. Im so happy ps3 is gettin mass effect 2. This will be a day one purchase for me. Its about damn time that 3rd party developers are showing the ps3 some mad love. 2011 like 2009 will be the year for PS3 owners.

  • Royalty32

    Yea i didnt understand why they would put ME1 on ps3 as well. Then it hit me, duh ME1 is owned by M$. Theres no way in hell there letting that go to Sony. Great move by Bioware by including the interactive ME1 comic. Like i said b4 this will definitly be a day 1 purchase. Jan 18 here i come.

  • Kratos

    Guys, I own a 360 and I have both ME1 and ME2. When I finished the games, it was as if I had lost a dear friend or family member, truly sad. I suffered Mass Effect withdrawals for at least a few weeks. So please, don’t be skeptical about ME2. Also, about the save transfer feature between the games, apparently the PS3 version will have some kind of interactive movie or comic or something that fills you in on the entirety of the first game’s story and allows you to make some key plot decisions. The game’s dialogue trees and renegade/paragon system (affecting how you look, react, and talk) are truly amazing.

  • this is a BUY for me…always loved BIOWARE games…except for DRAGON EFFECT 2…no offense but Dragon Age was great and 2 shoulda been the same


    Mass Effect was always intriguing for me…but no xbox meant i had to miss out…glad to see i wont have to now….cant wait for 2011 it looks like its gonna be the BEST year in gaming imo