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Mushroom Wars Goes Online |

PSN Stores posted some exciting news about Mushroom Wars, as fun as the game was a lot of people complained that they wanted multilayer. It seems like it worked, Creat Studios listened, thought it over, and decided to release an addon pack to give the game just that.

  • Play w/ up to 4 friends
  • Ability to spectate matches
  • Save match on HDD
  • Upload match to YouTube
  • Check global rank
  • Earn five additional trophies
  • The addon is coming out this coming week, costing .99 pounds. A price and release date for North America has not been set, hopefully this changes soon.

    • EdEN

      Well, extra online for a buck might be interesting to try for the game. Good news for those that like to compete in the webs.

    • haha soon as it comes out here you are going down luke

    • I have to go brush up on my skillz. I haven’t played this game in a bit but do like it a lot. Funny how one of the team members had a dream about it and it turned into a game for them.

    • lol neither have i been awhile since i last played. haha never knew how that talk about dreams coming true

    • EdEN

      @Luke: Must have been one tripped out dream…