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14dec10: State of Black Ops: Worse |

The 1.04 Black Ops patch was released in the wee hours of the morning today for both the PS3 and the 360. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but you’ll hear my impressions once I have. What I did do, however, is peruse the forums looking for feedback on the patch.

What’s the general consensus?

It’s worse. A lot worse. It looks like people are having more problems than before. More crashes. More glitches. More dropped games. More disconnections. More problems getting into matches. In general, just more bad stuff.

I checked David Vonderhaar’s Twitter stream, and so far there has been no response to these problems. Looks like KZ3 can’t come soon enough…

  • 2 of my coworkers that have the Xbox 360 said the patch is terrible. Getting dropped left and right, finding a match takes forever.

  • I’ve been looking through the Black Ops forums and there is utter outrage on the PS3 forum. On the 360 forum, the only bitching I could find was about them “nerfing” Hardline Pro. It would seem the problems are MUCH worse on PS3.

    The only thing I’ve seen out of Josh Olin is announcements of the patches going live and an urge to the community to “give it time to propagate” with regards to patch 1.04. The only thing I can say in defense of Treyarch is, there are thousands of people downloading the patch right now which will stress the servers but other than that, it does not look good. I’m scared to download the patch.

  • I’ve been looking through the Black Ops forums and there is utter outrage over patch 1.04 on the PS3 forums. The only complaints I could find on the 360 forum was about them “nerfing” Hardline. So it seems the connection issues are MUCH worse on the PS3.

    The only thing I could find out of Josh Olin on his twitter was the announcement of the patches going live and an urge to “give it time to propagate.” The only thing I can say in defense of Treyarch is that the patch is being downloaded by thousands of people right now and that puts further stress on the servers but it certainly does not look good.

  • derrickgott007

    I keep getting this problem:

    Loading into the game and it sits at “waiting on other players”. The mics are on and I can talk and hear the round start on other peoples ps3’s over the voip. If I don’t push the home button and exit out to the XMB fast it will lock down the system to the point of the double beeps. And this is on the newest version of the slim.

    Also I get alot of times where I get random numbers that flash on the screen between menus. The only way to solve this is to back out to the main multiplayer menu and come back in.

  • Luke

    Quick someone Tweet Olin and tell him “#itsonlybeenoveramonth”

  • I don’t think I can take much more abuse from Craptivision and Treyarch, BOPS was only slightly playable before this “patch” maybe 3 games in a row would work before getting a transmission error or a dropped game, or some other game ending problem(there are many)

    Frankly for the most part they could care less about the PS3 as it is now WORSE, and with talks about activision imposing monthly fees for MP, I dont think I will buy another activision game again. Im glad I have GT5 and a driving force GT wheel, LBP2 cant come soon enough.

    I beta tested the new medal of honor, I may have to make the switch.

  • derrickgott007


    Just switch over to BFBC2. Much better game and they just released a few new maps and next week we get the Vietnam map pack add on!

  • Adam T

    Well less knife lunge was a good fix

  • man this is terrible i cant even join my friends party anymore, its a bloody pain in the arse, may have to go back to mag

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Well, thats why I didn’t waste $65 on this piece of trash game. Funny how it nominated o wait its a COD game suposidly the best shooter ever made. Just bc it sold a crap load (DUE TO OVER HYPE) and MW2 sucking after awhile. Yea Treyarch is crap Olin is crap. COD is crap. The game is broken right now. well then I think it will always be broken bc someone will always hate something about what the patch did and then a crap load of people will start to fallow him-her. More people get mad new patch comes out after a month and makes things worse that pretty much sums the online for COD games.

  • Oly


    Quick someone Tweet Olin and tell him “#itsonlybeenoveramonth”  


    hahaa.. this is why they need to beta test!

  • yea screw black ops…i’m done with all that lol. #bringbackinfinityward

  • @derrickgott007: BFBC2 is a totally different style of game. Much slower paced. Lots of sniping. Exactly the kind of game I hate. It’s like telling someone who loves Burnout “don’t like the problems? just switch to GT5!”. It’s not an equivalent alternative.

  • Derrickgott007

    Oly what’s your twitter? DC UNIVERSE ONLINE BABY!! I’m a villain.