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A Spanish Spanner Causes Problems For Sony |

OK before I begin, here at we do not condone piracy of any kind. This article is just news that I have stumbled across and wished to publicise due to general interest in the PS3 Scene.

So, what’s new about the whole piracy scene? Gamers acquire pirated/copied games and play them on their modded consoles – nothing new there, but the whole scene just took a turn for the worst. With Sony working very hard to stamp out piracy on their once unbreakable PS3, Spain, which in my opinion is rather popular for it’s omelette’s, beaches and football teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid etc; decided to throw a spanner in the works by declaring it legal to sell the PS3 Jailbreak mod chip in the country.

According to reports, the only reason the Jailbreak was declared legal is down to the fact that Sony removed the GNU/Linux (OtherOS) functionality from the PS3. It’s hard to believe the Jailbreak mod chip wasn’t banned due to functionality aforementioned being removed from the system in question. However, Sony have 5 days from the day of the decision in order to submit their appeal and continue their fight against piracy. The decision was made by the courts on 13th Dec 2010. I personally hope Sony win the fight – that’s how I feel about piracy.

Will Sony’s appeal be turned down? Will this be the start of a series of cases going against Sony and in favour of gamers who wish not to buy their games? How do you think this particular case will fare out?

Please note: My comment is not intended to offend those that prefer to purchase their games legally, backup their original games and use their backup discs in order to preserve the original disc. I just have a gripe against gamers that do not prefer to purchase their games and hide behind the fact that they can’t afford them. Ahem – the console is more expensive than the games, and in all honesty – before you bought the console, you must have known how much the games would have cost! Point made!

  • well if they just put the otherOS back in then couldnt they then win the fight against the mod chip

  • I was thinking “what’s the point?”, if you’ll never be able to log onto the PSN, play online games or even get the updated version of a game… but if you just wanted to play Ratchet and Clank all day, then it makes sense.

    Honestly, most games are pretty cheap now a days. It’s the holidays and every game has been priced crazy low at one point or another. And the ones that are expensive, you wouldn’t be able to play online with the jailbreaker, so… pointless.

  • not condoning anything put you would be surprised at what you can do with the modded ps3 these day

  • @Kane112 Not too sure about that as Linux may aid piracy as it would enable developers to develop tools very easily which allows them to do practically whatever they want. However, I may be wrong.

  • uymai

    i’m horrified that they patched out one the otherOS feature.. I never used it, but about half my friends who had ps3s did, so to them, its like patching out bluray

  • It may or may not, whether they do it or now doesnt really matter there will aways be able to hack into it somehow. The ps3 wasnt hacked untill after they removed the OtherOS feature which pissed of a lot of people so who knows. Theres more hackers than ps3 tech guys so more than likely hackers will always win.

  • Derrickgott007

    For everyone in the USA, Spanner is British for wrench.

    Watching Top Gear on the BBCamerica channel has finally paid off!

  • Sony’s desperately trying to delay the inevitable. Anyway, let’s not conflate piracy and hacking. I certainly don’t condone the former, but the latter is another thing entirely. I should be able to mod hardware that I bought in any fashion that I like.

  • I agree with PremierSoupir. It’s MY hardware, I surely remember paying Full Price for it, so I believe it’s mine to do whatever I please. If Sony didn’t want to sell me MY hardware with hackable software, they should have consulted the boys over at Apple’s security team. Although I firmly believe that piracy is wrong, but I don’t think letting me, or anyone else hack would necessarily equal piracy. I hope Sony losses this one.

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    I hope sony wins too. Honestly SONY isnt going to get any money then. They get little money we get little entertainment and stuff. SOny make PS4 unbreakable. Well everything is breakable but hey try.

  • Madagasca…no need to be so timid :p

    Homebrew =/= Piracy

    Yes I said it. If the world was fully of goody goody’s and it was that of a Disney film, then I’d agree but it is inevitable and undeniable that the #1 reason for homebrew is to create piracy.

  • lol not always eddie but most people do abuse that power and use it for privacy.

  • Kane112: lol not always eddie but most people do abuse that power and use it for privacy.  

    I’m not necessarily referring to the people using it so much as creating it. However 99%-1% is how I see it.

  • Most original hackers dont create the software that allows you to use back-ups that usually comes later. Tho percentage wise you are probably right.

  • L/L

    @Derrickgott007 lol!
    @Skott Apple’s security team? Isn’t everything from Apple to date hacked to some degree, correct me if I’m wrong.

    Next step for Sony, give us more reasons not to jailbreak while it’s still financially viable for them to do so.
    Personally I can’t wait to see what the homebrew community comes out with. They are limited only by what hardware they have control of. Sadly, even though the ps3 is Sony’s, the same cannot be said for them.

  • EdEN

    I’ve never seen anyone used a modded console or an R4 cartridge (DS) for homebrew. ALL of them use it to play pirated games and it really pisses me off that those are the “values” they’re passing on to their children…

  • I wish Sony will win even if I guess Sony isn’t going to get money.

  • @L/L Yeah, Apple’s security team, meaning their OS team, not iOS. Mac OS X is the worlds second most popular OS, like Sony is worlds second most popular gaming system behind XBox yet Mac OS X is rarely severely hacked or virused down like Windows. Sony should use their lack of sales for their own good, like Apple.

  • Lack of sales? It’s beaten 360 YTD 3 years in a row world wide…the gap went from 8 million plus down to just 2 million.

  • Yes, lack of sales. Meaning here in America, where sales really matter. The Xbox doesn’t sell in Japan because it’s American, so it’s sales there is horrible. But look at Xbox’s sales over here: 27.8M compared to PS3’s America sales: 17.2M. That mean that for every kid that owns a PS3, there’s almost 2 kids who own an Xbox. I’d consider that a lack of sales.