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Killzone 3 Boss Fight Leak | The MAWLR |

Major Killzone 3 leak is upon us. The first 10 minutes of a boss seems to have been uploaded for the public to see. Watch it while it’s still up guys, I’m expecting Sony to take it down soon




  1. Pretty sick

  2. xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Looks great my parents want to get a 3D tv and im like okay. Have move Ima get this game and Sharpshooter. OMFG gonna be something in my pants!!!!

  3. It just looks awesome! Can’t wait to try this game!!

  4. Royalty32

    I kno what im bout to say will sound like im naggin but im truly not. Can the PLEASE put some color in this game. Ok so they added white and grey. White for the snow and gray for this huge ass mech. Come on Guerilla plz put some damn color in this game. I have no doubt that this game is gonna be awsome but seriously doesnt it hurt u guys to add dome blue, green hell even pink. Like Marcus says, “STEP YA GAME UP”

    • Tosh

      For the people that complain about the color in Killzone 2/3. How’s this??!

  5. @Royalty – That is my biggest gripe with new games. They are all 400 different shades of brown and gray. Have you played Gears of War on 360? I think that is this generation’s biggest offender, just ahead of Grand Theft Auto 4. I can say with 100% certainty that I enjoy bright, vibrant games a million times more than “hardcore, edgy, X-TREME, super serious” games that use no color whatsoever because the developers think color is for babies. If I didn’t want color, I’d be playing on a black and white TV.

  6. Not retarded rainbow color. The real world is colorful. It’s not always a dark, stormy, gloomy day. Besides, especially in GTA, I’d like to be able to distinguish an enemy from a brick wall.

  7. You do realize that in Killzone 3 your on a alien planet that has hostile weather most of the time. I’ve played the Killzone 3 Beta a lot and I’ve never had a problem picking out a enemy from a distance.

  8. @Tosh: Now THAT is a game I’d buy hahaha.

  9. Royalty32

    LOL! Tosh, that gave me a good laugh. Im with u 100% Kratos, Gears of War(especally the first one) was nothin but grey and brown. I kinda disagree with GTA4. I thought it had a good range of color, u kno with the cars and buildings. The water in that game is fantastic. Especally when the light hits. I think Sony’s first party devs needs to take a good hard look at the Uncharted series. By far one of the best game ever. Evn with UC1, there was nothin but green but it was so vibrant that it made my hdtv pop. I dnt think i need to expalin UC2, shit the opening level of that game was beautiful. I dnt wanna rage and rant for to long but im just saying can we plz get some more color in KZ3.

  10. Royalty32

    Yea Tosh but i bet u picked out the enemy not from its color but of the glowing red eyes. That doesnt count.

    • Tosh

      Actually no, from a long distance I can’t even see the glowing eyes anymore that I can recall.

  11. For amazing gameplay I play killzone, for amazing gameplay with multiple colors i play battlefield games

  12. Royalty32

    I dnt get what u are sayin Tosh. It sounds to me that u think color shouldnt be in games. KZ2 got shreded for it bein brown and grey throught the entire game. Why would are they following the sam patteren with KZ3.

    • Tosh

      No, I don’t think color shouldn’t be in games. Each game has there own style is all. For example Heavy Rain is very bland color wise but I still enjoy it, adds to the atmosphere.

      Just curious did you play Killzone 2 at all?

  13. kennygk

    He’s not saying that games shouldn’t have color. He’s just saying that helghan is a hostile, alien planet where barely anything grows. But they have strongly hinted that there will be a green forest level.

  14. Royalty32

    Yea i played Killzone 2. While it was a great technical achievment, color to this world would of definitly made a hell of a lot better. I understand what u are saying with it bein an alien planet but there where plenty of levels that could of had some nice vistas if color was added. I believe they are making a huge mistake.

  15. Part three is looking awesome! I was in the KZ3 beta and i could ALWAYS tell where the enemy was. Iam a art major and i think the color is great. It seperates its self from the other shooters.

  16. Trieloth: It seperates its self from the other shooters.

    Well said Trieloth.

  17. I don’t see anything wrong with the color, given the game’s atmosphere and setting. KZ1 had a lot of concrete colors as well, but that planet also had some green on it, and even had a level based in a swampland of sorts, but still felt like you were fighting a war.

    With that said, when the goal is realism, especially in war-torn areas, there is very little color to begin with to make it more realistic.

    Also, not to mention, last I checked, in times of war, you usually want to blend in with your surroundings. Sticking out would be a mistake.

  18. Please, do watch such videos to ruin the moments of awe in the game. Would you better see this moment in a crappy youtube video, or while playing the game? I refuse to watch, and if you want to enjoy the game better, please do not watch such videos, before every single set piece is ruined before your eyes.

  19. Royalty32

    Exactly Jay u just proved my point. Blend in with ur surrondings. Meaning if im a sniper hiding in the trees(which are green) im not going to be wearing a grey camo. Im tellin u if they dnt add some color to KZ3 they are gonna get ripped to shred by critics just like they did KZ2. By no means do i think this game is gonna be a failure if they dnt add color but like i said before it would make it that much better if they do.

  20. compared to the good reviews KZ2 got, the critics supposedly “tearing it apart” didn’t affect the overall number of positive reviews. Seriously, the metacritic score is still at 91/100, so obviously they did something right and the overall assumption is that only a handful of people are actually complaining about the color palette, a small minority you’re part of.

    I still think the games have a better color palette than a lot of games, and one that suits the game well. More color would ruin the atmosphere the series is known for.

  21. Royalty32

    I think ur wrong. More color would bring it to life. I understand that it is a war setting but war isnt always gritty. Even if it is, evry part of war has some kind of color. KZ on they other hand only has 2…..well 3 if u count white. If they fixed that and the UGLY character models then they prolly would be at a 95.

    And dnt get me started on the character models.

  22. if they changed the color palette the way you want it, it wouldn’t be Killzone anymore

    if you don’t like it, don’t play the game and stop complaining. Sheesh, you’re like a rash

  23. Royalty32

    Ur just mad that i can actually go toe to toe with u.

  24. You aren’t winning any arguments. You can’t even use proper grammar or spelling on numerous occasions. The only thing you managed to do was waste my time.

  25. other games use colors, you don’t have to play killzone 3. killzone 3’s mood is established by the lack of colors, it’s not going to just start using colors out of nowhere for no reason. like i said earlier, battlefield games have colors and gameplay. go play them

  26. Royalty32

    I didnt kno i had to use proper grammer, excuse me! Ask anybody outside this website what is the most annoying thing about KZ2. 1 would be lack of color. 2 prolly would be ugly character models and 3 would prolly be why did they map the iron sight to the R3 button. U guys are making it seem like i said this game sucks which i didnt. All im sayn is that they could throw some color in the game. If u guys would get ur heads out ur own asses u would prolly agree with me instead of making these lame excuses.

  27. And its still on youtube Wow

  28. kennygk

    @Emrah I agree with you, i never watch crappy quality gameplay videos on youtube, it completely ruins that part of the game for me.

    @Royalty32 KZ2 uses diminished colour to set the atmosphere. When your playing a multiplayer game and theres dust flying everywhere combined with the colour, it feels like your actually on helghast.

  29. @Royal u’ve def haven’t played kz series at all. If you you have suggestion go post it on ps3blog but yet again the majority does not see anything wrong with the game. The colours are perfect and the game will be. Move and sharp shooter you are mine!

  30. The biggest complaint I had with KZ2 is the lack of variety in the weapons. I supose thats why I’m a bigger fan of the Resistance series because I love all the different weapons. Now that I think of it, the weapons were my only major complaint from KZ2, the rest of the game was fine.

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