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ThatGameCompany Talks about Journey |

Game developer Jenova Chan tells us a little more about the environment and gameplay aspects of journey. If you were a fan of flOw and Flower, then this game is going to tickle your fancy indeed. Jenova Chan goes on to talk about how there are many types of movies to pluck the emotional strings that you need to feel. There are feel good movies, romantic movies, sad movies, action movies, funny movies, etc. So you have an option of what to watch. He believes video games are exactly like that as well but not many developers are willing to take a chance to make a game outside of the competitive action violence type of games.

We still do not know all of the gameplay elements of Journey or even the real goal, but I can say this game will be amazing just by what I have seen.

  • Really looking forward to this.

  • Luke

    I can honestly say so am I, they make this game sound very interesting. Sounds totally different from anything else.

  • This game looks so original and promising! I’m looking forward to try this!

  • Very cool, thanks for sharing the info! I’m looking forward to it, but mainly because I have faith in TGC and Jenova Chen. The interview wasn’t really selling me on it: You’re powerless, you communicate by singing or screeching, you skate on bolts of flying fabric. And did you see the crazy pop-in of the streamers at about 3:30-3:45? Graphics engine needs work yet, but they have some time.

  • EdEN

    Interesting game. Still have to finish Flower so now I know what my next PSN game will be for the week.

  • Eden you can beat this in a single afternoon lol.

  • Like how Jenova is talking about different experiences and how if you’re feeling lonely there should be a game to give you romance or something and they show Mass Effect where that Alien is griding air and stuff. Not sure that’s what he meant 😀