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Winners of the Co-Writers Giveaway! |

This was the first giveaway exclusive to Co-Writers. I wanted to do this as a special Holiday thank you to all the writers of this site. It would be nothing without you guys and I mean that.

Anyone is welcome to post news for, just let me know here that you’d like to help out.

We had a total of 55 lottery entries totaling 13750 points. Thanks to all the entered, winners after the jump!

1st Place – Luke
2nd Place – Sinlock
3rd Place – Eddie
4th Place – Oly
5th Place – EdEN
6th Place – Jay

Prizes are:

1st – Your choice of a PS3 game or accessory $60 or under
2nd – Your choice of a PS3 game or accessory $30 or under
3rd – $20 PSN Card
4th – T-Shirt (Courtesy of Sinlock!)
5th – 500 Points
6th – 250 Points

Here is a screen capture of me picking the winners. Since nobody can win twice, I had to keep picking until I got 6 winners.


  1. I think you should have the drawing list go in reverse order for the winners.

  2. Congrats guys!!

  3. Cool giveaway — thanks for doing that, Tosh!

  4. This is freaking awesome. Thanks for doing this Tosh. Now I just need to pick a game. Thoughts anyone?

  5. lol oly and eden in there new they would win something. Congrats Luke you finally win. Oh well hopefully ill do better next time, time to start saving those points

  6. LOL, thanks Kane112

  7. awesome! grats everyone!

  8. Damn you Oly, you’ve cost me a T-shirt!

    I’m sure Luke would love to change prices with me. Since I’m such a nice guy I’ll even throw in an extra 2,000 points to sweeten the deal…

  9. And also, see how Sinlock gave a T-shirt for the contest? That’s why he won 2nd place! Karma’s a bitch, huh? Hahaha

  10. EdEN I’d give you the free game but you play way to much. Doing this for ur wife 😉

  11. Well done to everyone who won. Can’t wait for the next giveaway.

    If Luke wins that one then we should ban him!! lol

  12. Yippy Skippy! I’m a Winner!
    It’s like getting Christmas a few days early!

    Oly send me a PM with your contact information and size.
    I sure hope you live closer than the last guy thet won a shirt. The last one was over 10,000 miles.

  13. Congrats to all winners !!

  14. @Sinlock is it even possible for Oly to live further away then 10k miles from you?

  15. Grats guys!

  16. @Luke: Since Oly is in Europe right now, if he was to ask that the T-Shirt be delivered to him over there….

  17. Oi. Congrads to winners!

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