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Last Minute Holiday Giveaway! |

You only have 1 day to get your lottery entries in this time. So I can try to get it to you before the Holidays are over. It’s open to international members as well. But I can’t guarantee a holiday delivery. It’s for PS3 RealTriggers for the Sixaxis or DualShock 3. They are a must have for every PS3 owner. They just snap on and off with ease, but I’ve never had it come off during gameplay. See reviews from other Members here.

To enter please donate 250 points (only once) to the lottery account. I’ll pick a winner around 10 PM Mountain Time tonight and I’ll be picking 2 winners!

Happy Holidays from!

  • Royalty32

    I never understood why ppl but these triggers. I mean developers map the aim and shoot to the L1, R1 buttons. Is there a way to change that.

  • @Royalty32 Some games you can switch the set-up. In Black Ops I have the “Tactical Flipped” controller setup so I can use L2 and R2 for aim and shoot.

    These triggers are awesome. I have a set on one of my controllers and they definitely make more solid triggers. My fingers would slip off the back without them.

  • Royalty32

    After all these years Im still wondering why Sony didnt have xbox 360 triggers for there triggers from the start.

  • well for like the nhl game i wear mine out using the triggers 😀

  • Derrickgott007

    I don’t think I’ve ever had my finger slip off of R2 L2 ever. My finger rests on the button in-between the first and second knuckle and my fingertips hook inward, securing my fingers. Advantage for having big hands? I’m 6’3″ so my hands are giant.

  • When I stare at my PS3 controller; it looks like my fingers would slip off more easily…but they don’t.

    But As a starving College Student, I have an obligation to try and win as much free stuff as possible, so in goes an entry!

  • These are brilliant — I have them for all my DS3s. And it’s not true that all shooters use L1/R1: Borderlands, for instance, uses L2/R2; and I remap Bioshock to use those as well. I will say, though, that unlike Tosh, I have had these pop off in the heat of the moment, but the button is still perfectly usable without it, so it’s not a problem. Just pause the game at a calmer moment and snap the thing back on.

  • Luke

    Gr8 stuff Tosh. Good luck everyone, I will stay out of this one since I just won $60!

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    I have these trigger buttons or whatever you want to call it. For a FPS its really not all that great because for PS3 useres we already have a nice feel for th L1 R1. Easy and comfortable to use. Feels acward to shoot with R2 L2. But when running such as in R2 you use L2 it helps giving you the grip. And same for Cod Games throwing your stuns, flashes, nova, or semtex, and frag grenades. It gives you a better feel. But for these really help for Racing games. Since the throttle is R2 and Reverse is L2. You get a way better grip. If you dont win this giveaway, I still say you buy it. It only cost about $5!

  • hobbes

    i love these triggers, have bought many sets of them over the years

  • EdEN

    Ok, donated the 250. Can’t really argue with free.

  • hobbes

    really feel they help with racing games more than any other

  • wtf? triggers? really? i have these and they are retarded. they stick out waaaay to much