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10 Comments Holiday Banner |

Should have done this earlier in the month. But hey, better late than never. Think you can do better? Here is the image, have at it. Post a link to your modified header image in the comments. I’ll be changing it every day with a new photo you have created. To see what your custom header looks like on the live site. You need to download a Firefox Extension called Firebug. Here is how to do it.

If I end up using your image I’ll give you 75 points! Happy Holidays!


  1. Jay made the first one. Looks good!

    Here is one I made really quick. I have an idea for another, but not sure how to create it just yet.

  2. xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    I think its cool

  3. I like the one jay made, good job buddy

  4. Jay made an awesome one. Yours is pretty cool too Tosh

  5. I made an Ice version.

  6. thanks for the compliments guys lol. Here’s another:

  7. cool ideas guys. like the one thats up the now

  8. That’s cool! I’m looking forward to see the chosen banner!

  9. Zack: heres mine  

    Your should be up in about an hour or so. @Jay Good work yet again, your will be up tomorrow.

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