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Sega Holiday Sales on PSN and SNK Discounts for Playstation Plus Members |

SNK Discounted Titles

* Alpha Mission (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
* Art of Fighting (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
* Baseball Stars Professional (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
* Fatal Fury (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
* League Bowling (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
* Magician Lord (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
* Metal Slug (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
* Samurai Showdown (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
* Super Sidekicks (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)
* The King of Fighters ’94 (20% off) (PlayStation Plus price $7.19, regular price $8.99)

SEGA Discount Titles

* After Burner Climax (sale price $4.99, original price $9.99)
* Gunstar Heroes (sale price $2.99, original price $4.99)
* Sonic Adventure (sale price $4.99, original price $9.99)
* Sonic Adventure DX Upgrade (sale price $1.99, original price $4.99)
* Sonic The Hedgehog Episode 1 (PlayStation Plus price $7.49, sale price $9.99, original price $14.99)
* Football Manager Handheld 2010 (sale price $15.99, original price $39.99)
* Iron Man (sale price $15.99, original price $19.99)
* Phantasy Star Portable 2 (sale price $15.99, original price $39.99)
* Sega Genesis Collection UMD Legacy (sale price $9.99, original price $15.99)
* Valkyria Chronicles 2 (sale price $15.99, original price $39.99)


Happy Holidays from Sega. A good set of games marked down to some low low prices for PSN and PSP. Valkyria Chronicles 2 for $15.99 is hard to pass for anyone.

SNK is also offering their new games at a first day discount to Playstation Plus Members. Be sure to grab some Neo Geo games for your collection.

  • nice sale tho annoying that i bought Sonic Adventure when it first came out and ive yet to play it. Damn me

  • About time NeoGeo games hit the store, Ill have to see if they added anything good for it, might have to pick a few up. Great update eddie!!

  • Ravenitrius

    Aw Man. I bought VC2 last week for 40. Damnit. Maybe I should have waited. Oh well. Actually nevermind, I actually like to have a physical copy of stuff.

  • I’m picking up Sonic 4 fo sho, and if I can swing it I would love to pick up Sonic Adventure as well.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog Episode 1 for $7.49 for Plus Members, pretty good deal. Think I may snag that one when I get paid later this week.

  • EdEN

    For $7.50 I might get Episode 1 since it IS half-off thanks to our subs…

  • Used to love the Sonic games then they just started making them so crappy it turned me off from the entire franchise, hell I don’t even want to have anything to do with Sonic.

  • I’d like for someone to figure out exactly how much one has to spend in the PS Store in order to come out ahead with a PS+ membership. Isn’t a full year $50? Okay. So $50 to start then All you get is 20% off PSN games. So in order to come out ahead of this whole deal, you would have to buy enough PSN games to have overall saved $50 total. And if I’m correct, you would have to spend AT LEAST $250 in PSN games A YEAR for this to make sense… Am I missing something here? Someone please correct me and make this make sense.

  • Skott: I’d like for someone to figure out exactly how much one has to spend in the PS Store in order to come out ahead with a PS+ membership. Isn’t a full year $50? Okay. So $50 to start then All you get is 20% off PSN games. So in order to come out ahead of this whole deal, you would have to buy enough PSN games to have overall saved $50 total. And if I’m correct, you would have to spend AT LEAST $250 in PSN games A YEAR for this to make sense… Am I missing something here? Someone please correct me and make this make sense.  

    you’re completely forgetting the free psn game every month, 2 minis free, 1 psone game free, themes and avatar. You make your money back inside if 4 months……and its $50 for 15 months right now.

  • Eddie:
    you’re completely forgetting the free psn game every month, 2 minis free, 1 psone game free, themes and avatar.You make your money back inside if 4 months……and its $50 for 15 months right now.  

    Hm. I guess $3.25 or so a month isn’t too too bad, I pay more a month for XBL. But to be honest, I haven’t spent close to $50 on the PSN since I’ve owned my PS3 (since 2007), which says something about the content quality, to me at least. Thanks for straightening that up, Eddie.

  • It doesn’t say anything about content quality but a lot about subjective opinion. Fact of the matter is Sony paved the way for a lot of independant developers who released a lot of great games exclusively on PSN albeit not all were my taste. flOw, Flower, Dead Nation, Super Stardust HD, Blue Toad Murder Files, Wipeout, Shatter, PixelJunk Shooter, Pixel Junk Monsters, Warhawk, Fat Princess, PixelJunk Eden, echochrome, Burn Zombie Burn and the list goes on.

    You also get automatically entered into beta’s, become a Qore subscriber and get day 1 discounts on games as a playstation plus subscriber.

  • Jonaskin

    I’ll be picking up Sonic 4 and Sonic Adventure. I know it hasn’t aged well but I loved it on Dreamcast and I’d be prepared to pay for the convenience of just being able to fire it up on my PS3 rather than having to drag out my DC.

  • I believe it DOES say something about content quality, because just about every game you listed there, sucks. I’ve technically only purchased one game on my PS3, and it was Resident Evil for PS1. I bought Pain with the $10 gift card my PS3 came with. Most games, PSN, PS1, or Mini’s are horrible and not worth the money being asked for them, and I wouldn’t want to pay $50 for a year and three months for 20% discounts on crappy games and beta’s which I should have been automatically entered in to begin with. I’m just saying, I can’t be the only person here who think’s PS+ is not a great idea for now AND PSN needs to step their game up in content development to even begin to compete with XBL. If everything I’m saying isn’t true, explain the difference in sales in America.

  • That list is a list of some of the best downloadable titles available this gen period. I don’t even like them all but can admit they are just outside of my taste and not that they are bad.

    PSN lacks nothing XBL has except cross game invite/voicechat/custom music. Thats it. As far as software, games, apps, freebies, playing online for free, PSN is at the very least holding its own.

    You’re not the only person that doesn’t like PS+, but you have the option of not getting it and continuing to play your games just as you always have before and thats the real beauty of this package.

    Sales in America are a drop in the bucket as far as “sales” go. If we want to get into a sales debate, then no need to rule out 3/4 of the demographics to make a point. We all know that PS3 is steadily outselling the 360 in hardware world wide for several years running. We all know that 360 outsells the PS3 in software and has a higher attach rate. Neither of those facts makes a point that in any way says XBL>PSN or vice versa.

  • The points I made are only accentuated by the recent feature over at, giving out report card grades for game consoles, if you care to take a look:


    To quote to instances of dispair on the PS3 from the report,
    “Things ain’t what they used to be for Sony Computer Entertainment, but neither are times dark.” and “Not the best of times, not the worst of times.”.

  • They went on to say
    “Sony has all their ducks in a row to take the industry by storm in 2011”

    They also said that 2010 was the first year that couldn’t be declared as “year of the PS3”. Reading between the lines it basically is saying that Sony is nothing to shake a stick at.

    In the end…it got the same report card rating as the 360 did B+ vs a B. Although it should be pointed out that the rating given by the editor was based only on 2010 to which I agree Sony lacked on AAA exclusives.

    Conclusionally, this means nothing. PS3 and 360 both have great games. PS3 excels in areas the 360 does not and vice versa. None of this speaks on the quality of content, sales or quality of infrastructure. Preference at this point is purely subjective on nearly all fronts albeit online support, downloadable games and even motion controls.

  • The whole article sounded like a huge downer when talking about PlayStation, where as I didn’t get that feeling when I read about Xbox. Reading between the lines told me that PS3 is starting to slack, and Xbox is gaining on our ever thinning exclusive list and starting it’s official take over of this generation of consoles.

    PS3 & Xbox DO mostly have great games, which 360 most of the time sees the upper hand with, like with CoD updates first, or map packs, slower frame rates or entire games months ahead of PS releases. Other than all of that, yeah, same great games.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m really not an Xbox or Microsoft fanboy, quite the opposite actually. I just wish PlayStation had a few more things to brag about to my 360-loving friends. Lastly, I’m not a fan, but let’s not bring up the motion control situation. We both know exactly how many Kinect’s Microsoft has sold, almost to date, but we vaguely know of how many Sony has Shipped from warehouses, leaving us without a clue, but almost guaranteed no where close to Microsoft’s 4Million Kinect units moved.

  • The tone of the article set the precedent that 2010 was no where as good as previous years and not even close to what 2011 will be for the PS3. No where did it bring up the exclusive game comparison that I read but if it had, it would show the PS3 with an enourmous lead starting 2011 with an undeniably extensive list compared to the 360’s. With MS’s full swing for Kinect, core gamers may end up getting the short end of the stick next year.

    As far as MS moneyhatting exclusives, its what companies do. Sony has been getting exclusive game add on content in many games recently. Software sales are showing a large swing towards the PS3 this year as well. Black Ops for example is currently 60% 360, 40% PS3 where as Modern Warfare 2 was 70% 360 and 30% PS3 even though Black Ops was marketed as an Xbox game primarily. As far as quality goes, its up to the dev. Mass Effect 2 for example is far more advanced on the PS3 then it is for the 360 in every possible way.

    Sold/Shipped doesn’t matter as either way Sony got paid. Not only that, Sony can’t just non-chelontly ship additional units that a business did not request and a business won’t request more then they will sell either.

    Basically there are several reasons to brag for the PS3. To start the PS3 is the only console to outsell itself year over year since its launch and 2010 so far is no different as it is stil 5% higher at this point then it was last year. Sony has just stated that they are not altering their final sales goal of 15 million units sold which will easily be attainable by March which is the end of their fiscal year.

    Besides…the games speak for theirself…no need to really brag, just enjoy the games as both consoles offer some great titles.

  • You’re correct. The article was saying that 2010, meaning THIS YEAR, wasn’t the greatest for PlayStation, and was a little better for Xbox. 2011, on the other hand will be decided 12 months from now whether Sony delivers on this “enormous lead” you speak of, which I doubt. And whoever’s idiotic idea it was to ‘market primarily towards Xbox’ for a video game that would go on to surpass $1B in sales, should be put to death. Although I’m not saying it was completely in Sony’s hands.

    Also, I DO believe shipped/sold matter. Sold means in consumers hands’, in their homes, being consumed or played with. Shipped means sitting in the back room or dusty shelf of a GameStop in a decrepit mall, not being used or played with. And I think you’re trying to infer that Microsoft bullied stores into carrying more Kinect product than the stores wanted, but no one, includes MS forced 4 Million consumers to purchase the accessory, but it COULD be said that Sony tried that, now with Move units on shelves and not in homes.

    If indeed the games truly speak for themselves, then you’re correct. There is No Need to brag, especially this year.

  • Yes, this year lacked a bit on exclusives for Sony indeed. Next year’s list of exclusives is the best yet this gen for Sony.

    It was MS’s idea to have Black Ops marketed primarily as a 360 game due to some moneyhatting. Thats how they are getting the timed exclusive map packs as well.

    Shipped/Sold on some products do not matter that much. How many stores have you been to that had 150 Move controllers sitting on a shelf? Fact of the matter is the store (depending on its size) will only order enough overhead on what it thinks will sell. Meaning I bet each gamestop probably has maybe 10-20 Move controllers in stock at a time. Although I do agree that Kinect is selling much better. I really do not like any motion gaming at all… lol

    No I was not infering that MS forced 4 million consumers to make a purchase..I’m saying Sony isn’t forcing stores to hold a thousand move controllers in stock. As I said before…store inventory is decided by the store and not Sony. Not only that…most store chains have an agreement that if a product does not sell up to a certain point that Sony will agree to buy back the product. This is common in the video game industry.

    My main worry about MS right now is that they have went on record to say they are changing their focus to Kinect next year.

  • Listen, you and I agree on much more than we disagree on. We agree that 2010 lacked for PS a little more than Xbox and we agree that ALL motion controllers suck. The main point I was making here was: PS+ isn’t an obvious steal to be had for Most PS3 users, the way that Xbox Live is to 360 users, and I’m kind of bitter about it. That’s all.

  • There wasn’t much to agree/disagree on really. Mostly everything I countered with are factual statements. The only subjective response I made was that 2011 is the best yet for the PS3 and while subjective, its highly agreed upon. There were a couple responses I made that are assumed like MS moneyhatting Activision for timed exclusives with Black Ops but I think we can chock that up to common sense.

    As far as PS+ goes…its subjective as well. I was a PS+ doubter myself when it launched. I waited 2 months to jump on and only got it because I had a $50 PSN card to use as a gift. 4 months in I haven’t looked back and have been greatly enjoying my PS+ experience and the ton of free games I’ve gotten.

    Basically you like it or you don’t. If you don’t, simply don’t buy it but I can tell you that there are MANY people enjoying it and thats all that matters.

  • Alright. Everything I said was an actual factual statement in that PS3 basically blew ass this year, for me, the casual, non-fanboy/writer for a fanboy blog site. Almost every thing I looked forward for in 2010 for my PS3, was a huge let down and continues to be: FFXIII, not as awesome as it should be, GT5 came with an hour install wait along with an instant 150MB mandatory update and CoD: BO has map pack delays plagued with frame rate issues and multiplayer shortcomings. Those are 3 or so of the Maybe 5 or 6 Major releases for PS3, and it flopped, to me, the non-fanboy/ass kiss. Please don’t try and argue that any of those were too huge a success.

    And, Really? You’ve been arguing and standing up for an online membership you received as a gift? No wonder you don’t mind it. It’s all basically free for you. Maybe we should wait until you have to throw $50 at the service before you start heaping praise and making it sound like a god send. I would actually bet you money, that in the real world, meaning outside this fanboy blog, people think that PS+ is an insane waste of money and most users wouldn’t dream of using it, as is, and this information would reflect itself in a nice pie chart. Although “MANY” people May enjoy, the MAJORITY do not enjoy, and that says a lot and matters fairly highly to me and Sony, I’m sure.

  • Most people that do not enjoy PS+ is because they already bought most of the games that have been given out for free with it, which is fair enough. However for people like me that hadn’t bought any games on PSN as i do not have much money, i love it, i have been given around 40 games free so far with more to come. I bought it for 3 months at the start cause that all i could afford, then paid another 3 months which ends the end of this month and im going to pay for the 15 months with no regrets. If i sound like a fan boy im not i had the 360 before the ps3 but hate the fact i need to pay monthly to play games online, which i dont have to with PS3

  • Not sure what to tell you boss. FFXIII is a multiplatform game…not sure how that is a Sony problem. GT5’s install was optional, it would install as you played the game little by little if you wanted. 150mb update? Thats a good thing isn’t it? Black Ops problems, again not a problem of Sony’s. Despite each issue that you or myself had with these games (believe me I am still heated about Black Ops issues), all 3 sold amazingly and still continue to sell.

    Not sure where the rude remarks are coming from but they are not warranted here. The majority of people on this blog are multiplatform gamers including myself. I can also assure you that the people who enjoy PS+ are not secluded to this single lonely blog. And as far as my opinion goes, I’d spend another $50 on it immediately. Thats as far as my “praise” goes. In fact you asked a question what it offers…I responded and even said if that doesn’t interest you then simply don’t buy it and be happy but you responded into not only trying to persuade me that I’m wrong about PS+, but took it further to steam roll the PS3 with more subjective opinionated statements. So besides the fact I think its a good service well worth $50 bucks, I am in no way shoving it down your throat.

    As far as “majority” goes. Nothing in the gaming industry works by majority. Black Ops..the best selling game this gen only sold to 23% of the console owners out there. A “million seller” game only needs 2% of the market to achieve that.

  • FF has long been a platform for PlayStation to shine and one that it usually succeeds with and impresses me delightfully, this time it didn’t. Not really blaming Sony, it just counts against Sony’s pathetic lineup for 2010. Technically, GT5 HDD install was optional, but if you’ve tried playing without installing, you’d clearly see playing from the disc was no option. And no, after more than a 5 year bait and switch wait for a game, I would hope that there wouldn’t be an Instantaneous mandatory update upon first play. It was almost laughable. They made me wait 5 years then got me for an extra hour or so with an install and update. I also never said Black Ops problems were Sony’s. Again, I mention that it helps accumulate my PS3’s lackluster year, especially when it seems the 360 version of BO is thriving.

    I would also not consider any of my comments or remarks at all rude, but if they were, I would almost argue that of all places, this would be the place they are warranted. It reminds me of bickering among a family, where you and I are brothers who share a bond with Sony. And fine, maybe many people, especially here, enjoy the “free” games PS+ appoints, but I, on the other hand am not as easy entertained. To me, those games suck, as do many on XBL as well. So I don’t buy them, or PS+.

    Honestly, I only make these arguments or comments because the things I say here are closely related to things that are said within conversations my friends and I have, about the same things! I, apparently, misjudged and thought of all outlets, this would be the one to discuss my problems and concerns and voice them.

    Lastly, I’m not sure you read or understood your own last paragraph up there. Nothing in the gaming industry works by majority? I would argue that it does. A majority of people chose CoD:BO over Halo Reach, that tells me something. A majority of people in this country chose Xbox over PS3, that tells me something. A majority of people chose Kinect over Move, again, tells me something. All of those things make sense to me, and are based off majority.

    AND “only sold to 23%”!!!? That’s almost 1 in 4 console owners owning the same game, and a majority of them for the Xbox. I really consider that a huge deal, and find it almost insane that you do not.