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Splinter Cell and Tomb Raider HD Collections Confirmed |

Today the rumored Tomb Raider Trilogy and Splinter Cell Collection have both been confirmed.

Tomb Raider will include: Tomb Raider Legend, Anniversary and Underworld with Legend and Anniversary getting the HD makeover.

Splinter Cell will include: The Original Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory.

And of course trophies will be included just like the rest of the collections.

  • nice never did play the original splinter cells

  • Joshy

    Tomb Raider HD Collection it’s very disappointing for me, I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see Legend and Anniversary with trophies BUT Underworld it’s already on the ps3 so why would we need it again? Instead of Underworld, they should have released Angel of Darkness

  • Luke

    Everyone is jumping on the remake the game in HD band wagon.

  • The Splinter Cell collection is a day one buy for me!

    I loved those games even if they cost me hundreds of bucks to play. I use to spend a grand each year to keep my PC a lightning fast gaming machine. Motherboards, RAM, Processors, Graphix Cards!

    Then I got my PS3.
    I’ve now had the same computer for 3 years and don’t think I’ve ever opened the case once.