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Uncharted Fan Stands Up to David Russell |

Ever since the rumors came out about Mark Wahlberg being Nathan drake in the Uncharted Movie, due to be released in 2013, fans have been sharing their hate towards this decision all over the internet. Here is one guy who stood up for Nathan Fillion. I must say I’m very pleased on his decision to confront David and tell him to rethink the cast.

Mark Wahlberg, as you may know, is starring in this new flick callled “The Fighter”. At a recent screening, where Uncharted director David Russell attended, a fan approached him to tell him that Nathan Fillion should be a part of the cast. The fan’s reasoning why the director should listen to him: he’s played all of the Uncharted games.

Russell then replies, “Alright, alright, alright, alright okay…” That’s a lot of alrights right there, but he tells the guy nonetheless that “Alright, I hear you, you stood up for your  boy.”

What do you guys think of this? Maybe Fillion will get the job after all.

  • I don’t think this would have any effect..

  • nope…none at all. So many better people for this role…obviously.

  • Just because a TV / B movie actor looks a little like Nathan Drake… is NO reason to cast him in a Big Budget movie. This movie will be for the masses, ie Prince of Persia and… it will no doubt suck just as bad.

  • lol ye wont have any effect. Shame really just started watching Firefly again N.Fillion would have one a good job as Drake

  • Ravenitrius

    We could always quickly change the director to Uwe Boll. LOL

  • I like how he says he’s played “all” of the uncharted games…. Yeah all 2 of them. 🙂

  • Machina

    Chances are, that’s 2 more than the David Russell…

  • Nathan Fillion would be a great choice. The character he plays in Castle is great. He can pull off the cocky attitude as well as the more serious parts. I would at least be more interested in the movie if he was chosen. Nothing against Marky Mark, but he shouldn’t be Drake. Neither Hugh Jackman (god strike all those who even considered that).

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Man Nathan Filler has so many fanboys. Well honestly I don’t like Nathan Fillers work. His acting isnt even that godd. He would not suit Drake at all. Niether does Mark, But Mark can atleast atempt to do good and he will. THe dude is far better actor. But if it were up to me, I’d pick Hugh Jackman to be Drake. Now he would be great. Anyway, this will not have any effect. When a cast is put together really well, and its on the DL. I don’t think they wanna go ahead and basically piss off an actor because 1 guy stood up and the rest of the people are ranting on the interent. Now They will make money. From true Fans of both guys just to critise it. And they will make the money as long as that happens their happy so yea.

  • Ajescent

    Not holding my breath…

  • To be honest, if they really wanted to do this movie for the fans, I’d much rather they just used the cast who voice the games/act out the cut-scenes.

    That way, the voices and mannerisms would all be spot on, and in that case, I could easily overlook the fact that they didn’t LOOK like the game characters.

  • lol I think James Roday looks like Drake.

  • Jay

    Nolan North please.

  • Emily Rose could easily be in it. If only to make up for the funky bunch taking another ill advised trek into a video game adaptation.

  • kennygk

    @Clint If i’m not mistaken, there are rumours that Emily Rose might be cast in the movie.

  • @Kenny that’s good to hear. Hope so.

  • Kratos

    Title should read, “Obsessed Uncharted Weirdo Bothers Film Director” (or whoever David Russell is)

  • I don’t even know who Nathan Fillion is…that’s how much I care about a fanboy telling the director how to do his job…

    just from reading the “that’s a lot of alrights” I can already tell the director brushed this guy off as “is this fanboy REALLY telling me how to do MY JOB?!”

    anyways Mark W. is staying as nathan…if the rumors are true to begin with…either way hope this finally shuts up the whole Nathan Fillion crap once and for all…

  • lol doubt it people will probably complain about it for ages

  • For anyone who doesn’t actually know who Nathan Fillion is please go and watch Firefly. Not because I’m a Nathan Fillion fanboy but because Firefly is an absolutely incredible show.

    Secondly, if you look at Fillions character in Firefly there are some huge simarlarities to Drake. Like people say the look is there, and he has a lot of the traits. What you have to consider though is that Joss Whedon wrote and directed Firefly. So yes Fillion is great as that character but Whedons writing also helped massively and I have to think that even if Fillion was in this, would the writing and the direction actually allow him to play the character as we want?

    We’ve already heard the direction the film is going to go, so Fillion or no Fillion this isn’t going to be the Uncharted we want.

  • Luke

    Don’t believe that this guy talking about Nathan F. is going to do anything. Director wasn’t interested at all and I doubt they are going to dump Mark W. all of a sudden because of what a fan said.

    @JCMoorehead what direction is the movie going in? I don’t believe I have heard.

  • Jonaskin

    I always thought David Boreanaz (the dude who plays Angel, hope I spelled his name right) or Johnny Knoxville would have made a decent Drake as well, at least in terms of looking the part. But Fillion is perfect.