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22dec10: State of Black Ops: Patch 1.05 |

A week after releasing the 1.04 patch, Treyarch has released patch 1.05. (This is a little odd considering that they’ve previously said that it’s about a one month process to release a new patch.) Here are the details from the community thread:

12/22 (full patch 1.05)
• Improved party reliability when leaving with party – an additional step in an ongoing series of party improvements continued in the next patch
• Improved UPnP functionality – further expands the game’s capability to open NATs on routers with universal plug and play enabled
• Enabled mute functionality in Playercards in the pre-game lobby
• Enabled kick functionality in party and private match lobbies
• Addressed an issue where the pre-game lobby would not always display properly when multiple players leave the lobby after a team split
• Addressed an issue where the pre-game lobby would appear stuck on the countdown timer while waiting to balance teams

1.04 really messed things up but the hotfixes after the fact had stabilized them somewhat. Hopefully this patch actually improves upon things. I haven’t tried it yet, but I notice that it doesn’t make any mention of split screen issues, which is disappointing. Just the other day I was playing split screen with friends and I wasn’t being given any of my killstreaks!

Anyway, once I try this patch I’ll post another update.

  • Royalty32

    Im glad to see that a least they are trying to fix all the problems in Blops unlike MW2. I dnt see why ps3 owners are complaing. U kno ur gonna get the crappier version when it comes to COD. Yeah its not ur fault but get over it and for ppl saying that Blops isnt a good game either 1 hasnt played it or 2 sucks at the game. I personally think its the best COD to date. Though i do like the guns in MW2 alot better. Keep up the good work Treyarch.

  • Derrickgott007

    I hope they are adrressing the issue where it starts to load the map and it says “waiting on other players” and I can hear them start the round through their headsets and I’m stuck at the map loading screen….. Followed instantly by hard lock down. It resets my slim ps3 and beeps.

  • I’ve played the game and it really sucks. If it actually played properly then it would be an amazing game but it doesn’t and it isn’t.
    You won’t hear another peep from me, I’m over this piece of crap. There are too many games that are way better than this one that are on the verge of being released. Oh and screw Treyarch, they will never be as good as Infinite Ward.

  • I have 2 coworkers that have the game on Xbox and are returning it to get modern warfare 2 again. I have one coworker on the ps3 doing the same. People are starting to stick it to them. Wonder how long before they get their stuff together. My buddy might return the game and get NFS: HP just so we can play that together since he’s sick and tired of all the problems he is having with Black Ops.

  • Royalty32

    I do feel sorry for ps3 owners they really did screw up blops for u guys but that shouldnt be a big surprise. Or maybe ur guys just suck at the game. Maybe ur mad cuz u cant camp all the time like u do in MW2. The issues are being fixed but maybe thats not the problem maybe its u.

  • Luke: unfortunately, that doesn’t affect Activision at all. They’ve already made over a billion dollars. If nobody bought another copy of the game Activision would still be happy.

    The problem is that Activision has the funnest shooter in the world (IMHO, and many others agree) and therefore they don’t care about keeping people happy.

  • bhudda

    I have downloaded the new 1.05 patch, and its put my nat down from open to moderate, also i have been stuck at the “waiting for other players” screen, or be it just once in an hour, so i dont think it has done me any good at all. Seriously thinking of giving up with it

  • I think this will make the next installment a little harder to push.

  • Matt

    I have got this new patch 1.05 And now I can’t login to my Playstation Network Account. Am I the only one or is it happening to other people

  • LaaRsi

    Well I just downloaded the 1.05 patch and guess what?
    Now Im getting “Save data is corrupt, you have to delete it”
    What the h*ll?

  • zack

    Dang update make my ps3 freeze up now hard drive light is going crazy
    I guess we are the patch testers this sucks would not recommend updating pll

  • Derrickgott007

    1.05 patch and I’m having no problems with my PSN and it hasn’t froze yet. Framerate has gotten better too. My PS3 is in the DMZ of my router since I don’t have to worry about it being hacked. I recommend everyone putting their ps3 in the DMZ to help with their NAT type.

  • Royalty32

    im curious about something. For all of those who commented how many of u have 306’s. If if u do have one why dnt u play COD on it instead of ps3 when u kno the ps3 version is jack up.

  • Derrickgott007


    Thank you for the meaningless comment. There are VALID problems with this game. Freezing PS3’s and massive lag and crap Framerate have NOTHING to do with camping or how a person plays. It has everything to do with the Netcode and engine this game is running on.

    Please try to bring something constructive to this discussion instead of tryin to troll and start fights. is not that kind of site. If you want to fight and troll go to kotaku.

  • I cant wait for update 3.05, by then everything will be so wonderfull with flowers falling from the skys and my heart will be filled with joy (sarcasm).

    hey man i have a 360, are you willing to pay for my xbox gold? iam not gonna pay to play on something that lacks the games i want to play.

  • Derrickgott007: @Royalty32Thank you for the meaningless comment.There are VALID problems with this game.Freezing PS3′s and massive lag and crap Framerate have NOTHING to do with camping or how a person plays.It has everything to do with the Netcode and engine this game is running on.Please try to bring something constructive to this discussion instead of tryin to troll and start fights. is not that kind of site.If you want to fight and troll go to kotaku.  

    Thanks for saying what needed to be said derrick, this kid is a jackass.

  • Hahahah @Trieloth I want patch 3.05 now

  • Frank

    This patch again does nothing. Black ops is useless. I played mw2 tonight the game ran perfectly were there noon tubes? Yes. do I care? No. Treyarch find another profession you guys are hacks.

  • Royalty32

    Hey Baba0Booey dnt call me a jackass for making a good and valid statement. I have a ps3 and a 360. I know as well as anybody that COD always plays better on 360, only an idiot like you would say otherwise. I love ps3 just as much as 360 but i know when it comes to multiplatform games most of them look and play better on 360. Now if u cant afford to have both consoles then thats on you but dnt give me ****** for having a 360. Ur just a mindless ps3 dick rider. Also who cares if u have to pay to play. I could of swore that sony came out with ps+, yeah u dnt have to have it to play online but if u do get it then ur forking out $50 ten dollars less than xbl. Give me a damn break.

  • Royalty32: mindless ps3 dick rider

    What’s that?

  • Royalty32

    Basically Luke its a ps3 fanboy. I kno this is but u guys are really close minded not saying that xbox fanboys arent as well but when i was considering ppl to play COD on 360 i was getting called jackasses, idiots, all types of names. All i was saying is that u ppl complain about Blops being trash on ps3 so i suggest them to buy a 360 and play it on there. Now theres a word called loyalty which u guys are very loyal to ps3 but if u dnt try something new then ur not gonna experience gaming at its fullest. The 360 is not a bad machine by any means especally the 360 S. All im saying is go out buy a 360 for $200 bucks and try Blops on there to get a better experience then u get on ps3.

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    I really dont care the game is crap

  • Derrickgott007

    I traded in my PS3 copy to get the 360 version. (my girlfriend got me a 360 with Kinect) and the 360 version runs 100% better. No Framerate drops when someone drops napalm, not random disconnects, game runs like MW2(flawless). Treyarch really dropped the ball when it came to the ps3 version. They catered to the company that paid more for the series and it shows.

  • It will be a cold day in hell before I buy a 360 just to play Black Ops. The game would have to be way better than a game like Black Ops to make me wanna buy a 360.