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New Feature: Pop Out Live Chat [Update x2] |

This feature has been requested in the past. Today I finally figured out how to do it!

[Update x2]

The Live Chat is no longer available in the sidebar. I did this because if you have the pop out live chat open and browse the site you will get double sound notifications. Plus the site will load a little faster without having to load the Live Chat on every blog post. Also with this new pop out it’s more responsive.

There are 2 ways to open it, click the image in the side bar or go to the “Visit” drop down menu in the top right and click “Live Chat”. This specific link is available through out the whole site except where you write posts.

There is also a mobile friendly version, you can access it by opening the pop up window and then clicking the “Mobile Version” link. The direct link to the mobile chat is here if you want to bookmark it. Or access the mobile version of the site, go to the “Mobile Live Chat” page from the drop down menu then view the full version of the site. You need to be logged in of course.

On the Mobile Version at the bottom there are 2 large + and – links. Clicking those will expand or shrink the live chat so you can see or hide the comments in the Live Chat. It will save your size settings for the Live Chat in a cookie so when you come back later it will be the same size. Same goes for the non-mobile verison.

This way you can still browse all the portions of the website:


Plus keep the live chat open!

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  • Jay

    I love your posts. It gives me great pleasure to read. It has a lot of helpful information.

    if you want to keep the window on top of other windows (in Windows XP, Vista and 7), be sure to get DeskPins here:

    Just started using it today, works great, and the memory footprint is pretty minimal (700k of memory while using it for the chat, that’s it)

  • lol that does sound like a bit of spam Jay

  • Ohhh this is a great feature, thanks for this!!!!

    PS3Bnet keeps getting better and better.

  • Yeah I really like these additions, it does get better and better like @Babe0Booey said.

    @Jay thanks for that link, that is also very helpful.

  • gona miss it on the side though