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New SONY Community Forums a Bust? |

A week or so ago, we received an e-mail that the Community Forums were going to be overhauled and it seems like that day is today. I was eager to hit click the image and get to the new forums and see what they did with the design and if it’s actually going to be better than the old design. Honestly in my opinion I think the new design looks a hundred times better than the old design. It just seems like it a lot cleaner and more pleasing on the eyes.

I was surprised to see so many people bashing the new design. According to some of the members there have been a bunch of features taken out, like editing your own posts which I agree should return. One of the mods there named Mohawktown is extremely unhelpful and sarcastic which I think should be looked into. You don’t go to a forum for help to have a moderator make you feel like an idiot. I saw comments about that moderator from several people not just one. Also according to the new TOS you are not supposed to show or talk about any material from any other region. If you’d like to check all of this out please go to the feedback page.

Do any of you visit the official forums on a regular basis? If so how do you feel about the new design and new ideas?

  • EdEN

    Haven’t tried the new forums yet but change was coming and we got told about it. Don’t see what all the backlash is about.

  • Well it seems like you can already edit your posts so that was fixed fairly quickly. I also think the new forums will take some getting used to. Not everyone is going to love the new stuff.

  • As a personal Lifechoice, I try to stay away from forums. Too often Ive seen threads get hijacked away from the original purpose. Then Trolls come out, at which point its just all over.

    Obviously This doesn’t always happen, but forums are kind of the dive bars of the internet.

  • L/L

    Was this just the US forums? I haven’t noticed any change with the EU forums. Would also explain why I never got an email.

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    The mod needs to be checked into forsure

  • Luke

    They first announced this a week or 2 ago, I believe they are starting out with NA but all regions will have this.

  • Ravenitrius

    Forums don’t quite load quickly as it should for me. I think it’s about 10% slower. Also, I tend to stay away from “region specific forums” and prefer to go to forums that include anyone from any region.

  • Lan

    Oh hey; a forum I didn’t ever post on; lol

  • A sarcastic, unhelpful mod? Sounds like my kind of forum.

  • Luke

    @DarkLance you’re other alias wouldn’t happen to be Mohawktown would it? 😉

  • Derrickgott007


    The reason for region locked forums is because some regions get games other regions don’t.

    Take the superbike series. In the EU region their SBK 10 is really SBK 10. In the US region SBK 10 is really SBK 09. For some odd reason the US is a year behind.

    It stops confusion. Plus it also cuts down on mismatched launch dates discussions and not everyone speaks English in other regions. As you’ve seen on here a few times UK region gamers get different games in PSplus than US gamers.

  • people don’t like change…but as someone who doesn’t get to visit their forums very often, the change is great.