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Guerrilla Games New IP a AAA FPS With Fantasy Elements? |

According to, Guerilla Games have given hints as to what their next game will be about via their job listings. What we do know is that it is aiming for a AAA first-person shooter but with a twist. Perhaps we are reading to deeply into the job descriptions, but they all seem to be following a common theme.

Phrases such as:
“Looking for a Dumbledore amongst FX Artists”
“sage-like leaders”
“FX wizards”
“Like a modern day Daedalus”
“monsters and ensnare the heroes”
“heroic concept artists spoken of in legend”
“little like a god”

Could it be that Guerrilla Games is making a fantasy FPS perhaps with RPG elements?


  1. Derrickgott007

    Harry potter Fps? Pass.

  2. HARRY POTTER? oh god no please

    Elder Scrolls-like (my suggestion)?….I’m listening

  3. Maybe it will be more like an updated Hexen?

    That would be kind of cool.

  4. a harry potter fps? no….absolutely not…. an RPG, wizard, medievel fps? oh hell yes.

  5. I read that the latest game in the Potter franchise is, indeed, a FPS.

  6. Derrickgott007

    Come on guerilla games, don’t drink the movie game kool aid! NOOOOOOooooo!

    Did they forget about the fail that was Lord of the Rings as a FPS? Booooooooo.

  7. lol its not a movie game….the mere fact its labeled a “AAA title” clearly prevents it from being a movie game lol.

    and I thought that website was reading too far into the job descriptions geez 😛 lol

    If they are hinting at ANYTHING related to the game in question…think Oblivion only more based on magic.

  8. Take a hint from Bordelands!!!!!!

  9. noooooo…not borderlands….RPG elements that almost don’t exist….

    and Hexen! thank god whoever just mentioned that…I’ve been trying to think of that game all morning.

  10. haha Hexen now that is a classic wouldnt mind a remake of that

  11. ahahaha Hexen looks like a joke:
    It’s a Doom rip off except looks like crap, run around and punch some demon out cold. HAHAHAH

  12. Hexen was awesome back in the day Luke.

  13. haha yes it was Luke doesnt know what hes talking about

  14. Hexen had an original, non-linear level progression scheme, but neither it nor its daddy Heretic were as good as the Doom. In fact, another fantasy-FPS based on the Doom engine was better than both, in my opinion: Strife. Sadly the game tanked, I believe.

  15. yes heretic was an awesome game too!

  16. xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    eh lest see what it is first before jumping to conclusions.

  17. You are an awesome game Eddie

  18. haha heretic another classic. Never heard of Strife

  19. The only Strife worth mentioning is Cloud!

  20. haha

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