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Guerrilla Games New IP a AAA FPS With Fantasy Elements? |

According to, Guerilla Games have given hints as to what their next game will be about via their job listings. What we do know is that it is aiming for a AAA first-person shooter but with a twist. Perhaps we are reading to deeply into the job descriptions, but they all seem to be following a common theme.

Phrases such as:
“Looking for a Dumbledore amongst FX Artists”
“sage-like leaders”
“FX wizards”
“Like a modern day Daedalus”
“monsters and ensnare the heroes”
“heroic concept artists spoken of in legend”
“little like a god”

Could it be that Guerrilla Games is making a fantasy FPS perhaps with RPG elements?

  • Derrickgott007

    Harry potter Fps? Pass.

  • HARRY POTTER? oh god no please

    Elder Scrolls-like (my suggestion)?….I’m listening

  • Maybe it will be more like an updated Hexen?

    That would be kind of cool.

  • a harry potter fps? no….absolutely not…. an RPG, wizard, medievel fps? oh hell yes.

  • I read that the latest game in the Potter franchise is, indeed, a FPS.

  • Derrickgott007

    Come on guerilla games, don’t drink the movie game kool aid! NOOOOOOooooo!

    Did they forget about the fail that was Lord of the Rings as a FPS? Booooooooo.

  • lol its not a movie game….the mere fact its labeled a “AAA title” clearly prevents it from being a movie game lol.

    and I thought that website was reading too far into the job descriptions geez 😛 lol

    If they are hinting at ANYTHING related to the game in question…think Oblivion only more based on magic.

  • Oly

    Take a hint from Bordelands!!!!!!

  • noooooo…not borderlands….RPG elements that almost don’t exist….

    and Hexen! thank god whoever just mentioned that…I’ve been trying to think of that game all morning.

  • haha Hexen now that is a classic wouldnt mind a remake of that

  • Luke

    ahahaha Hexen looks like a joke:
    It’s a Doom rip off except looks like crap, run around and punch some demon out cold. HAHAHAH

  • Hexen was awesome back in the day Luke.

  • haha yes it was Luke doesnt know what hes talking about

  • Hexen had an original, non-linear level progression scheme, but neither it nor its daddy Heretic were as good as the Doom. In fact, another fantasy-FPS based on the Doom engine was better than both, in my opinion: Strife. Sadly the game tanked, I believe.

  • yes heretic was an awesome game too!

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    eh lest see what it is first before jumping to conclusions.

  • Oly

    You are an awesome game Eddie

  • haha heretic another classic. Never heard of Strife

  • The only Strife worth mentioning is Cloud!

  • haha