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New New Cole is Old, Old New Cole is New |

For those of you who have not been following thew news on Infamous 2 (and shame on you), there has been much debate over the new style of Cole. Fans have spoken out against new Cole’s douchebagginess and have said they not only want the old Cole back, but they want the original voice actor back. SuckerPunch has bowed to the fans whim months ago, announcing that they will in fact bring back the old Cole.

Now old Cole is back as we see for the first time on the cover of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, which is showing off a 10 page spread of images and information on Infamous 2! Click the image for a larger version, and for comparison’s sake, here is the former version on the GameInformer cover.

  • Luke

    didn’t we all know this already? weren’t videos of the old cole released showing that the devs listened to the fans?

  • yes…but this is the first new up close image of the revised Cole.

  • Jay


    I’m not understanding your post… are you drunk?

    EDIT: OK, I understand now haha

    EDIT 2: I think you meant to put down PlayStation: The Official Mag instead of GameInformer

  • Luke

    10 page spread? sounds dirty!

  • Derrickgott007

    Finally the devs listen to fans! I hope this will become a new trend (with exceptions because there are some stupid people who ask for stupid stuff).

  • This is scary that the internet can manipulate companys now days. I really think game companys should hold there ground on some aspects. And like derrick said there are stupid people wanting stupid crap. No offense but there is alot of them on the interwebs.

  • Jay

    Well, at least with this one, it makes perfect sense as to why people would complain

  • Indeed. Glad they changed it back.

  • Whens the New Month Issue comming?

  • Wait, did they also bring back the original voice actor?

  • yes they are sicsemper

  • Oly

    This issue was out before I left on the 14th of Dec..

  • Er, new Cole mark II sure looks a helluva lot like new Cole mk 1; the former has just been given a haircut. Where’s gaunt, skeletal Cole? ( cf. ) Nice that they brought back the original voice talent… I guess… but it seems like the dev essentially announced, “hey, we’re open-minded, responsive, and appreciative of our fans; we’re going to do what you all have been clamoring for.” And then they did what they wanted in the first instance. Which is fine, actually. I’d just rather that they not be disingenuous about it.

  • I’m confused Premier…

    They announced a new design and voice actor…fans asked for the old design and voice actor back and they gave it to us. How is that disingenuous?

  • It think Premier has a point, personally i think to two Coles in the article look a lot alike

  • “This is scary that the internet can manipulate companys now days.”

    I don’t think it’s scary – I think it’s common sense. It’s not about the internet being manipulative, it’s about the internet giving the fans a voice they never previously had. The game was only a success due to the fans, and the fans liked it because they liked the character. If the fans don’t want those changes, Sucker Punch would be foolish not to listen to them.

    That said, the changes were pretty drastic. A completely different look and a completely different voice. They may have got away with more minor changes, but it was wholesale stuff – akin to Lara Croft suddenly becoming a flat-chested blonde, or Mario suddenly losing the overalls, ‘tache and stereotypical Italian accent.

    I would agree that it’s not best that the devs always act on the requests of fans on the web, because there is a lot of stupidity. But hopefully devs will continue to distinguish between the good ideas and the bad… and in this case, keeping the original Cole was definitely a good idea.

  • kennygk

    @Eddie he just means that new cole v.2 looks alot more like new cole v.1 with a haircut, not old cole and i have to agree