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Mark Wahlberg Not Signed to Play Nathan Drake! |

There has been a lot of talk about an Uncharted movie as of late especially when fans learned that Mark Wahlberg was set to play the action hero in the Uncharted series. One fan, even took it straight to David O. Russell the director that is behind the video game’s adaption to the big screen. Like many others he asked the director to reconsider staring Mark Wahlberg as the main hero and instead give the role to Nathan Fillion. Honestly there was a major out cry about this, I remember seeing tweet after tweet how disappointed fans were with the casting. The dust has seemed to settle but it appears that there is a glimmer of hope still, a glimmer that Nathan Fillion might still be a possibility for the movie.

When Joystiq interviewed Justin Richmond the Game’s Director and told him that they along with the masses wanted Nathan Fillion for the role he responded with the following:

Mark Wahlberg isn’t anywhere near to being confirmed to play Nathan Drake either — it’s just Hollywood scuttlebutt, apparently. Still, I dutifully told Richmond that the Joystiq Biomass had chosen, and Nathan Fillion has our vote. Message received, Richmond responded.

Source [/FILM]

  • great news!

  • Luke

    Well he isn’t signed supposedly but that doesn’t mean he won’t get it. David O Russell and Mark Wahlberg have worked in the past and according to what Mark said to MTV he is interested in the role.

  • lordincubus

    Couldn’t agree more with Nathan Fillion playing this role. The only other guy I could think of is the Canadian guy (Will) from Will and Grace. Other then that I think Nathan should get this role. Heck the guys name is Nate what could be easier then that. The real question here is who will play Sully. The guys gotta be old but tough

  • Oly


  • This is definitely good news.

  • Hope Mark does not get this role. It would be a disaster. Mark Walhbergs career has been made in the editing room. We need an actor that can carry this movie.

  • this is why Mark should not be in this movie

  • Great news!

  • Interesting wonder what is going to happen

  • When Wahlberg has the right director, and the right part, he can be absolutely fantastic. But Nathan Drake isn’t a Mark Wahlberg role. Give it to Fillion. Or if you want someone younger, Bradley Cooper. Get Emily Rose for Elena, and get …. maybe Bruce Campbell for Sully? If he got toughened up a bit and maybe olded up a bit? 😛

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    terrible news if nathan filler is in the movie as drake i will cry nathan filler is garbage.

  • Luke

    Damn you guys are haters, I think Mark W. is a good actor. Some of the movies he played in wouldn’t have been good no matter who played the role.

    @Jason Andrews what you said was just wrong LOL