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More Playstation Move Goodness Coming

With Playstation Move’s release right around the corner, it’s not to see all of the games that are going to support it on or sometime after it’s release. Take for example a game like NBA 2K11, now this isn’t anything new, sports games have been around for a long time now. Yes the games have gotten better and better over the years because of tweaks here and there but we still mainly sit down while playing them. That’s all about to change with NBA 2K11 which has MOVE support.

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Welcome Bastion

Here’s an interesting looking game that I came across. It’s called Bastion and it’s from a new Studio called Supergiant Games. It’s being led by ex-designers that worked on the hit Command & Conquer franchise. The team just announced the game but it looks like they are well along their way. It seems that as of late, all these Indie Developers are taking the gaming world by storm. This particular studio is run by four guys and 1 gal out of a house, I guess that’s better than a garage but still, just look at the game they have created thus far. A rich creative environment, that is sure to set itself apart from the rest.

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Walmart Lists Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection

A few months after it was discovered that Amazon France had listed the Ico Collection on their website has also added the game and even has it available for preorder.

Both Amazon France and has the HD collection pinned down for a 2011 release but the dates differ by a couple of months.  Sony hasn’t confirmed that the game is in the works just yet but with the Tokyo Game Show just days away perhaps they plan on making an official announcement at the event.

Walmart / Neogaf / IGN


Battle vs Chess Coming to PS3 Sep 28th

How do you take a game that has been around for over 1000 years and improve it? Well, you take it and give it to TopWare Interactive to develop and let SouthPeak publish it. Battle vs. Chess is their result, and is coming Sep. 28 to the PS3 for $39.99.

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